Experience Japanese food culture: Authentic udon noodles at Yamakoshi Udon, a famous restaurant in Kagawa



To experience Japanese food culture in depth, it is essential to visit local places in search of authentic tastes. One such restaurant is Yamakoshi Udon, a famous restaurant in Kagawa Prefecture. Yamakoshi Udon is a famous restaurant that has gained popularity in Kagawa, the birthplace of Sanuki udon, and its delicious taste is loved not only by locals but also by tourists from far and wide.

Sanuki udon is characterized by its unique firmness and smooth texture, a special texture that cannot be experienced in other parts of Japan. At Yamakoshi Udon, we continue to maintain this traditional method of making udon and always provide high quality udon.

Another specialty of Yamakoshi Udon is “kamatama udon,” a simple yet profound taste of freshly boiled udon noodles with a raw egg. Many people visit to enjoy this special dish that can only be tasted locally.

When you visit Kagawa, be sure to experience the authentic Sanuki udon at Yamakoshi Udon and enjoy its delicious taste.

Recommended Menu

When you visit Yamakoshi Udon, there are several recommended menu items you must try.

First is the famous “Kamatama Udon”. Freshly boiled udon noodles are mixed with a raw egg for a simple yet rich taste. The firmness of the udon and the mildness of the egg are a perfect match, and once you try it, you will never forget the taste.

Next, we recommend the “Kake Udon. The clear broth and sticky udon noodles are superb, and the flavor of the broth will fill your mouth. The taste is simple but never boring, and you will want to eat it again and again.

Tempura udon is also popular. Crispy tempura and udon go especially well together, especially the shrimp tempura and kakiage. With freshly fried tempura, you can enjoy a hearty meal.

In addition, “bukkake udon” is also popular at Yamakoshi Udon. This style of udon is served cold with a special sauce, and is especially perfect for hot summer days. It is characterized by its refreshing taste and has many fans.

Enjoy the variety of Yamakoshi Udon’s menu and fully appreciate Kagawa’s food culture. Each menu offers a unique local flavor and is well worth the visit.

Experience and Enjoy

Here are some ways to experience and enjoy a visit to Yamakoshi Udon.

Tours and tastings

At Yamakoshi Udon, you can observe the udon making process. This is a great opportunity to learn about the traditional Japanese process of making udon by observing the handmade technique and boiling up the noodles up close. Visitors can also sample freshly made udon noodles on the spot, allowing them to enjoy the fresh taste.

Enjoying Local Ingredients

Yamakoshi Udon offers a wide variety of toppings made with fresh local ingredients. Tempura, seasonal vegetables, and specialties are also on the menu, allowing you to fully enjoy Kagawa’s culinary culture. In particular, the menu using local vegetables and seafood changes depending on the season you visit, so you can discover something new no matter how many times you visit.

Enjoy the local atmosphere

Yamakoshi Udon is a restaurant loved by the locals. When you visit, you can enjoy your meal with local regulars. By dining in a homey atmosphere, you can get a taste of Kagawa’s lifestyle and culture.

The experience at Yamakoshi Udon is more than just a meal. Enjoy authentic udon while experiencing the culture and traditions of Kagawa. This will be a valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese food culture.


When visiting Yamakoshi Udon, it is important to observe some manners. This will help ensure a pleasant experience with other visitors and staff.

Manners when waiting in line

Because Yamakoshi Udon is a popular restaurant, lines often form, especially on weekends and during lunch hours. When waiting in line, keep a reasonable distance from the person in front of you and keep your turn. Also, when conversing aloud with people around you, be careful not to disturb others.

Manners in the restaurant

When you enter a restaurant, first look at the menu and decide what to order. When ordering, it is important to be polite and clear with the staff. Also, be quiet so as not to disturb other customers in the restaurant, and when you have finished eating, clear your table and give up your seat to the next customer.

Manners during meals

In Japan, it is generally considered bad manners to make noise while eating, but when eating udon, it is acceptable to slurp it noisily. This is considered to be one way of expressing the deliciousness of the food. However, be careful not to make too much noise. Also, when using a cell phone while eating, please be considerate of your surroundings and avoid talking on it.

Manners when paying

Payment is made at the cash register. Various payment methods are accepted, including cash, credit cards, and electronic money. After paying, it is a good idea to express your gratitude by saying, “Thank you for the food.

Cleaning up trash

After the meal is over, it is common practice to clean up the table. Be sure to return used dishes and chopsticks to their designated places and dispose of garbage in the garbage can. This will help maintain a pleasant environment for the next guests.

By observing these manners, you can make your dining experience at Yamakoshi Udon more pleasant and enjoyable. Please keep these points in mind when visiting Kagawa to enjoy the delicious udon noodles.


Getting to Yamakoshi Udon is very easy. Here are some transportation options from the center of Kagawa Prefecture.

Access by train

The nearest station is Kotohira Station on the JR Yosan Line. From Kotohira Station, it takes about 10 minutes by cab. By taking a cab, you can arrive at the store smoothly.

Access by car

When traveling by car within Kagawa Prefecture, it is convenient to use the expressway. Exit at the Zentsuji Interchange on the Takamatsu Expressway and proceed along a public road for about 15 minutes to reach Yamakoshi Udon. The store is equipped with a parking lot, making it safe to visit by car.

Access by bus

If using public transportation, buses departing from Kotohira Station are also available. Please check local bus routes and get off at the nearest bus stop.

Access by bicycle

Bicycle access is also recommended when visiting local sightseeing spots. Yamakoshi Udon is located in a rich natural setting, and bicycling can be an enjoyable experience. There is space to park your bicycle in the surrounding area.

Use of Map App

We recommend using a map application to check the best route before your visit. Check the latest traffic information and congestion conditions to plan a safe route to your destination.

Use these access methods to plan your trip to enjoy authentic Sanuki Udon noodles at Yamakoshi Udon. A delicious meal and a wonderful sightseeing experience await you in Kagawa Prefecture.

Hours of Operation and Regular Closing Days

When visiting Yamakoshi Udon, be sure to check the business hours and holidays. Yamakoshi Udon is open as follows.

Hours of Operation

  • We are open daily from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. You can enjoy fresh udon for breakfast or lunch.


  • We are closed on Sundays and Wednesdays. If you plan to visit on these days, please make plans to visit on another day.

Temporary Closures

  • There may be temporary closures, so we recommend checking the official website for the most up-to-date information before visiting.

Yamakoshi Udon strives to provide the highest quality during its short business hours and wants all visitors to enjoy freshly made, delicious udon noodles. We encourage you to check the business hours and holidays before visiting and enjoy the delicious Sanuki Udon noodles.

Reservations and queue management

Due to its popularity, Yamakoshi Udon often has a long line, especially on weekends and during the tourist season. Here are some tips for making reservations and avoiding lines to ensure a smooth visit.


Yamakoshi Udon basically does not accept reservations. This is our policy to serve udon equally to all customers. Therefore, when visiting, please do not make reservations in advance, but head directly to the store.

Countermeasures against queues

  1. Visit early: Yamakoshi Udon is open from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. If you visit at 9:00 a.m., just after the store opens, you will most likely be able to enter the store with a relatively short wait time. We recommend visiting early to ensure that you can enjoy the especially popular menu items. 2.

2.Visit on a weekday: Weekends and holidays are especially crowded, so visiting on a weekday will reduce the wait time. Avoiding the tourist season is even more effective. 3.

3.Visiting in small groups: It is easier to find a seat and be shown to your table faster if you visit in a small group than if you visit in a large group.

  1. Use the Wait: When waiting in line, make the most of it. Enjoying the surrounding scenery or looking up tourist information on your smartphone can turn the wait into a pleasant experience.

Use these measures to make your meal at Yamakoshi Udon more pleasant and enjoyable. It is important to plan your visit to taste authentic Japanese udon.

Reviews and Ratings

Yamakoshi Udon has received high praise from many visitors and is well known for its great taste and quality of service. Below is information based on the latest reviews and evaluations.

Highly Rated Points.

  • Taste and Quality: Reviews rave about the “kamatama udon” as being especially delicious. The combination of fresh eggs and sticky udon noodles offers visitors an unforgettable taste experience.
  • Service: The friendly staff and prompt service are highly praised in many reviews. Many say that the staff is friendly and helpful even to first-time foreign visitors.
  • Price: Reasonable pricing is another reason for the high rating. Many visitors rate the quantity and value for money as excellent.


  • Accessibility: Yamakoshi Udon is conveniently located and easily accessible from Takamatsu Airport. There is a large parking lot, making it convenient to visit by car.
  • Opening Hours: Hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., but many visitors say it is well worth the visit. Some advise visiting early to avoid the lines.


  • Wait times during busy times: As a popular restaurant, long wait times can occur, especially on weekends and during the tourist season. It is recommended to check the crowds before visiting and visit early in the day.

Actual Reviews

  • The kamatama udon was excellent. I was impressed by the texture and taste for the first time. I would visit again.”
  • “The staff was very friendly and guided us through the restaurant in a way that was easy to understand for tourists.
  • “There was a long line, but the taste was worth the wait.”

Yamakoshi Udon continues to attract many people with its taste and service. When you visit Kagawa Prefecture, be sure to experience authentic Sanuki udon at Yamakoshi Udon.


Yamakoshi Udon is a famous restaurant where you can experience the essence of Sanuki Udon in Kagawa Prefecture. Its appeal lies in the delicious handmade udon noodles made with fresh ingredients and friendly service. In particular, the famous kamatama udon is highly praised by many visitors.

When visiting, go early to avoid the crowds and enjoy your meal in comfort. Also, reservations are not accepted, so it is important to plan your visit accordingly. Yamakoshi Udon is open from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm and closed on Sundays and Wednesdays. It is recommended to check the latest business information before visiting.

Yamakoshi Udon is loved by locals and popular among tourists. When you visit Kagawa Prefecture, be sure to stop by and experience authentic Sanuki udon. The delicious udon and heartwarming service will enrich your travel memories.