Experience Japanese Food Culture: In-Depth Explanation of the Appeal of Hinoya Curry



Curry is an essential part of an in-depth experience of Japanese Food Culture. And one of the most notable examples is Hinoya Curry. Hinoya Curry attracts many fans with its unique flavor and extensive menu.

The distinctive feature of Hinoya Curry is its rich, full-bodied roux. Slowly simmered, the curry has a deep flavor and a perfect balance of spices, and once you try it, you will be captivated by its taste. In addition, Hinoya Curry has adapted the traditional style of Japanese curry and rice to modern Japanese Food Culture while maintaining its originality.

Hinoya Curry was founded in Tokyo in 2012 and has since rapidly spread throughout Japan. Today, Hinoya Curry has stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and other locations throughout Japan. Each restaurant offers regional menus and seasonal specials, so there is something new to discover each time you visit.

Furthermore, Hinoya Curry offers a high degree of freedom in customization, allowing customers to choose toppings and spiciness to their liking. By adding a variety of toppings such as cheese, cutlets, vegetables, etc., you can enjoy your own original curry. For the health-conscious, a healthy menu and vegetarian options are also available.

Thus, Hinoya Curry is the perfect place to experience Japanese Food Culture. Enjoy the rich and deep flavors of curry, and discover all that Japanese curry rice has to offer. For the latest menu and campaign information, we recommend checking the official website and SNS.

Recommended Menu

Hinoya Curry attracts many curry fans with its extensive menu and unique flavor. Here we introduce some of our most popular and recommended menus.

Famous Katsu Curry

The “Famous Katsu Curry” is the most popular and representative menu item of Hinoya Curry. An extra-large cutlet is placed on top of the curry, making it a very satisfying dish. The crispy batter and juicy meat are a perfect match for the rich roux of Hinoya Curry. This is a must-try dish for first-time visitors.

Hinoya Curry Raw Eggs

The Hinoya Curry Nama Tamago (raw egg) is a simple yet profound dish. By topping the curry with a raw egg, the rich flavor of the curry is mellowed and enhanced. Recommended for those who want to enjoy standard curry.

Special Curry

Special Curry is a luxurious menu item that allows you to choose three toppings of your choice. You can choose from Hinoya Curry’s wide variety of topping options to enjoy your own original curry. It is no wonder that many repeat customers come back for this dish.

Fried Shrimp Curry

Shrimp Fry Curry is another popular menu item that allows you to enjoy the plump texture of shrimp. The crispy texture of the fried shrimp and the rich curry roux are in perfect harmony, making this dish a must for seafood lovers.

Spinach Curry with Plenty of Spinach

For the health-conscious, “Plenty of Spinach Curry” is recommended. It is filled with plenty of fresh spinach, making it a nutritious and healthy curry to enjoy. The sweetness of the vegetables and the spiciness of the curry are a perfect match.

Grilled Cheese Curry

We also recommend the “Grilled Cheese Curry” with plenty of melted cheese on top. The richness of the cheese combined with the rich flavor of the curry will make you happy with every bite.

These menu items are just a few of the many ways you can enjoy Hinoya Curry. You will discover a new taste sensation each time you visit, so be sure to try these menu items on your next visit. For the latest menu information and campaigns, we recommend checking the official website and SNS.

Experience and Enjoy

Dining at Hinoya Curry is more than just a meal, it is a special experience. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Hinoya Curry to its fullest.

Menu Customization

At Hinoya Curry, you are free to customize your menu. Not only can you adjust the spiciness of the curry and the amount of rice to your liking, but you can also choose from a wide variety of toppings to create your own original curry. For example, create your own unique dish by combining a variety of toppings such as pork cutlet, cheese, raw egg, spinach, etc.

How to use sauces

Each table is provided with a special sauce that can be used to enhance the flavor of the curry. The key is to add it in small quantities to create your own personalized flavor. In particular, the sweet and sour taste of the sauce matches the curry perfectly.

Take-out and delivery

If you have a busy daily routine or want to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home, a good option is to use Hinoya Curry’s take-out and delivery service. You can easily order from the official website or affiliated delivery service and enjoy authentic curry at home.

Store Atmosphere

Hinoya Curry restaurants are bright and clean, providing a comfortable environment for families and friends. The staff is friendly and helpful, making it easy for first-time customers to enjoy their meal. In addition, information on the history and characteristics of curry is posted in the restaurant, allowing diners to learn more about the history and characteristics of curry and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese curry culture.

Enjoy the popular Katsu Curry

Hinoya Curry’s famous “Katsu Curry” is a must-try dish. The crispy batter and juicy cutlet match perfectly with the rich curry roux, making it an outstandingly satisfying meal. Try this curry, especially if you are visiting Hinoya Curry for the first time.

Recommended way to eat

To enjoy Hinoya Curry to its fullest, the trick is to balance the curry and toppings as you eat it. First, enjoy the curry as it is, then add the toppings little by little to enjoy the changes in flavor. Finally, add the special sauce to make it taste even better to your liking.

With these tips in mind, we hope you enjoy your dining experience at Hinoya Curry to the fullest. For the latest menu and campaign information, we recommend checking the official website and SNS. We hope you will try these ways to enjoy your next visit.


In order to enjoy your meal at Hinoya Curry even more, it is important to understand Japanese dining etiquette. Below are some good manners to know when visiting Hinoya Curry.

Manners when taking a seat

Once you enter a Hinoya Curry restaurant, follow the waiter’s directions and take your seat. Especially during busy hours, you are expected to cooperate for smooth guidance. If seating is unreserved, choose your seat while taking care not to disturb other customers.

Manners when ordering

After carefully looking at the menu and deciding what to order, politely inform the waiter of your order. Using basic phrases such as “Please” and “Thank you” in Japanese will help you communicate better. If you are unsure about your order, you can also ask the waiter for a recommendation.

Manners while eating

Be careful how you use chopsticks and spoons. Stabbing food with chopsticks or sticking chopsticks into a bowl is considered bad manners. Also, when sharing food, use the tips of your chopsticks to take the food carefully. When the food is brought to you, it is important to express gratitude by saying “Itadakimasu” (Thank you for the food).

How to use the special sauce

A special sauce is placed on the table at Hinoya Curry. You can use this sauce to adjust the flavor to your liking, but be careful not to splash it on others around you. When using the sauce, it is important to add a small amount at a time to taste it.

Manners for refills

At Hinoya Curry, you can add additional toppings or increase the amount of rice. When you wish to add more, politely ask the waiter for another serving. If you need a refill, it is best to let the waiter know in advance.

After-dinner manners

When you finish your meal, express your gratitude by saying “Gochisoso-sama desu” (Thank you for the meal). This phrase is very important in Japanese dining etiquette. You can also show your courtesy to the waiter by cleaning the table and packing up the dishes you used.

Manners for Take-out

When using take-out, it is best to call or order online in advance. When picking up your order at the store, be courteous and show your appreciation to the waiter. It is advisable to place your order early in case of large orders or during busy hours.

Consideration for those around you

It is also important to be considerate of others around you while eating. Use cell phones sparingly and be careful not to talk loudly. If you are with children, be careful that they do not make a lot of noise and do not bother others around you.

By observing these manners, your dining experience at Hinoya Curry will be more enjoyable and you will gain a deeper understanding of Japanese Food Culture. By keeping these points in mind before visiting, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant and memorable dining experience. Please check the official website and SNS for the latest information and campaigns.


Hinoya Curry has stores throughout Japan, and each store has its own unique characteristics and charm. Below is information on our recommended stores.

Yushima Honten

  • Address: 3-39-10 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours: 11:00-21:00
  • Features: This long-established restaurant is the birthplace of Hinoya Curry and its rich curry flavor. You can enjoy the authentic taste of curry in a relaxed atmosphere.

Kanda Branch

  • Address: 3-19-9 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00
  • Features: Located in the heart of the business district, the restaurant is crowded with businessmen during lunch time. The restaurant is popular for its quick, easy and tasty curry served quickly to busy businessmen.

Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch

  • Address: 1-14-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
  • Features: Located within walking distance of Shinjuku Station, this restaurant is an easy stopover between sightseeing and shopping. You can enjoy your meal at your leisure in the spacious restaurant.

Shibuya 3-chome Store

  • Address: 3-13-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
  • Features: Located in the heart of Shibuya, the restaurant is popular with both young people and adults. It features a modern interior and a lively atmosphere.

Yokohama Ishikawamachi Branch

  • Address: 1-15, Ishikawa-machi, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
  • Opening hours: 11:00-21:00
  • Features: Located in a tourist area of Yokohama, with very convenient access. The store is popular among tourists and is a great place to stop by while exploring Yokohama.

Namba Walk Store

  • Address: 3-1-1 Minami, Namba 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
  • Features: Located in the heart of Osaka, this store is an easy stopover between shopping and sightseeing. Lively atmosphere and prompt service are the hallmarks of our business.

Nagoya Fushimi Branch

  • Address: 1-4-3 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 21:00
  • Features: Located in the business district of Nagoya, the restaurant is crowded with many office workers during lunch time. The charm of this restaurant is that you can enjoy authentic curry at a reasonable price.

Shijo-Karasuma Branch

  • Address: 620 Suiginya-cho, Shijo-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • Open Hours: 11:00-21:00
  • Features: Located in the center of Kyoto with easy access from tourist attractions. You can enjoy your curry at your leisure in a relaxed atmosphere.

Hakata Sumiyoshi

  • Address: 4-1-22 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 21:00
  • Features: Easy access from Hakata Station, making it an easy stopover during sightseeing or business. You can also enjoy a special menu featuring ingredients from Kyushu.


  • Address: 822-1 Kayahara, Ayagawa-cho, Ayaka-gun, Kagawa
  • Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
  • Features: Located in a shopping mall, this store is a convenient place to stop by between shopping trips. It is also popular with families.

These stores are recommended to enjoy the full flavor of Hinoya Curry. We recommend checking the official website and SNS for the latest information and campaigns.

Reservations and queue management

Because Hinoya Curry is extremely popular, lines often form, especially on weekends and during lunch hours. Here are some measures you can take to enjoy your meal comfortably.


Unfortunately, Hinoya Curry does not offer regular table reservations. However, reservations for take-out are possible. Calling in advance to place an order will reduce waiting time at the store and ensure a smooth pick-up.

Measures to Prevent Lines

  1. Aim for off-peak hours: You can reduce waiting time by avoiding busy times. Weekdays around 11:00 or after 14:00 are often relatively empty. 2.
  2. Take-out: If the restaurant is crowded, take-out is another option. You can enjoy the taste of Hinoya Curry in the comfort of your own home or office.
  3. Check the menu in advance: Checking the menu in advance will make ordering on site easier. Check the official website for the latest menu.

Recommended Time of Day

  • Before lunch time on weekdays: The restaurant is usually relatively empty around 11:00 on weekdays. Visiting during this time will increase your chances of a smooth entry into the restaurant.
  • After dinner time: Avoid the dinner time crowds and visit after 19:00 to expect a shorter wait.

Other Measures

  • Group Visits: If you are visiting with a large group, contacting the restaurant in advance may make it easier to find a seat. Early planning is recommended, especially during peak season.
  • Check congestion information: It is also helpful to check the official website and social networking sites for the latest congestion information. By gathering real-time information, you can enjoy a smooth dining experience.

By utilizing these measures, you can enjoy your meal at Hinoya Curry without stress. The latest reservation status and crowd information can be found on the official website and SNS, so please check before visiting.

Reviews and Ratings

Hinoya Curry attracts many fans with its unique sweet and spicy curry roux. Here are the latest reviews and ratings.

Highly rated reviews

  • Balance of sweet and spicy: Hinoya Curry’s curry has a unique flavor that is sweet at first, followed by the spiciness of the spices. Many customers rave about this balance of sweet and spicy.
  • Freshly fried pork cutlets: The Katsu Curry is especially popular for its freshly fried, crispy cutlets. The pleasant texture of the batter and the rich curry roux are a perfect match, creating many repeat customers.
  • Various toppings: The variety of toppings is highly valued for its ability to be customized to one’s liking. Items that change the flavor, such as tenkasu garlic, are also popular.

Points for Improvement

  • Taste for price: Some customers say that the taste is not worth the price, especially for the higher priced items. Some patrons have expressed a desire for better value for money, especially for the higher-priced items on the menu.
  • Treatment: There are also some complaints about the attitude of the wait staff and the service they provide. Some customers complain of poor service, especially during the busiest hours of the day.

Overall Evaluation

Overall, Hinoya Curry is loved by many curry fans for its unique sweet and spicy curry roux and abundant topping options. Word-of-mouth reviews often give high marks to the quality of the katsu (pork cutlet) curry and the taste of the curry. On the other hand, some say that there is room for improvement in terms of taste and customer service attitude in relation to price, but even so, its appeal is enough to attract many fans.

Please refer to these reviews to plan your next visit to Hinoya Curry. For the latest menu and campaign information, we recommend checking the official website and SNS.