Japan Shopping Guide: Must-See Anime Goods Store

Japan is the birthplace of anime culture and is loved by fans around the world. In particular, anime merchandise is unrivaled in its diversity and quality. Anime figures, character goods, limited edition items, and many other valuable items are available only here. In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the must-see anime merchandise stores that foreign travelers should visit in Japan. Starting with Akihabara, also known as the "Mecca of Anime," there are many anime stores scattered throughout Tokyo and Osaka. Each store has its own unique charm and offers a wide range of products, from the latest anime goods to items from classic productions. In addition, these stores regularly hold special events and sell limited-edition merchandise, so you will discover something new each time you visit.

Japan Shopping Guide: Buying Home Appliance

Japan attracts the attention of travelers from around the world as a treasure trove of electrical appliances. Boasting high quality and advanced technology, Japanese electrical appliances have a reputation for reliability and innovation. This guide will show foreign travelers the best ways to purchase electronics in Japan. You will find information on how to get the best deals on a wide range of items, including the latest smartphones, cameras, and home appliances.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: Osaka’s Famous Tempura at Tempura Daikichi

If you are looking for the best of Osaka's culinary specialties, you cannot miss Tempura Daikichi. This long-established tempura restaurant was established in 1982 and is widely loved by locals and tourists alike. Known for its late-night hours, Tempura Daikichi is a special place to enjoy delicious tempura until late at night. Tempura Daikichi is the perfect place to experience Osaka's tempura culture. Here, fresh ingredients are used and tempura is carefully deep-fried one by one by artisans. The restaurant is full of energy, and from your seat at the counter you can watch the tempura being fried right in front of you. This live experience is a rare glimpse into one aspect of Japanese Food Culture.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: Authentic Tempura Delights at Tenichi

Tempura is an essential part of an in-depth experience of Japanese Food Culture. And one of the most notable is Tenichi. Despite its history and tradition, Tenichi offers authentic tempura that incorporates modern techniques and ingenuity. Using only the freshest ingredients and deep-fried with artisanal techniques, customers can enjoy the exquisite texture of tempura, which is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Ten-ichi has a network of restaurants in Tokyo, Kyoto, and other locations throughout Japan, each offering unique menus that make the most of regional specialties and seasonal ingredients. Particularly popular are the tempura set menus and seasonal course meals, which offer a new taste discovery each time you visit.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: In-Depth Explanation of the Appeal of Hinoya Curry

Curry is an essential part of an in-depth experience of Japanese Food Culture. And one of the most notable examples is Hinoya Curry. Hinoya Curry attracts many fans with its unique flavor and extensive menu. The distinctive feature of Hinoya Curry is its rich, full-bodied roux. Slowly simmered, the curry has a deep flavor and a perfect balance of spices, and once you try it, you will be captivated by its taste. In addition, Hinoya Curry has adapted the traditional style of Japanese curry and rice to modern Japanese Food Culture while maintaining its originality.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: Kanazawa Curry at Gogo Curry

If you want to experience Japanese Food Culture in depth, you cannot miss curry. And one of the most notable examples is Kanazawa Curry offered by Gogo Curry. Gogo Curry is a chain specializing in curry that operates throughout Japan and is loved by many for its unique style and flavor. Kanazawa Curry is characterized by a rich, full-bodied roux, hearty shredded cabbage, and a luxurious dish topped with a pork cutlet. Gogo Curry's curry has such a deep and unique flavor that even first-timers are immediately captivated by it.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

If you want to experience Japanese Food Culture in depth, you cannot miss curry. And one of the most popular is Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, also known as "Coco Ichi-chi." Since its establishment in 1978, CoCo Ichibanya has gained many fans in Japan and abroad, and now operates numerous stores in Japan and abroad. The appeal of CoCo Ichibanya lies in its extensive menu and freedom of customization. Not only can customers freely choose the spiciness of their curry and the amount of rice, but they can also combine various toppings to create a dish to their liking. For example, the classic loin cutlet curry and the slow-cooked chicken ni komi curry are favorites of many.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: Wako’s excellent pork cutlets

If you want to experience Japanese Food Culture in depth, you cannot miss Tonkatsu. And one of the most popular tonkatsu restaurants is Wako. Wako is loved by many for its high quality pork and traditional cooking method of tonkatsu. Wako was founded in 1966 and now has numerous locations throughout Japan. The reason for its popularity is, first and foremost, its attention to ingredients. Wako's tonkatsu are made from carefully selected pork, which is tender, juicy, and has an unforgettable taste. The breading, which is deep-fried using a unique method, provides a crispy texture that enhances the deliciousness of the tonkatsu.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: The Appeal of Saboten’s Excellent Pork Cutlets

Tonkatsu is one dish that cannot be missed when experiencing Japanese Food Culture. One of the most highly regarded of these restaurants is Tonkatsu Saboten, which was founded in 1966 and has attracted many fans for its quality and taste. The appeal of Tonkatsu Saboten lies in its artisanal tonkatsu made with carefully selected pork. The latest news is the Ekia Takenotsuka branch, which newly relocated and opened under the elevated Takenotsuka Station in May 2024. At the new location, customers can enjoy Saboten's excellent pork cutlets in a more comfortable space.

Experience Japanese Food Culture: The Best Pork Cutlet at Tonkatsu Mai-sen

Founded in 1965, Tonkatsu Mai-sen has been attracting many fans for its "tender pork cutlets that can be cut with chopsticks. Mai-sen tonkatsu is made from carefully selected pork and coated with a unique breading, and can be enjoyed at the main store in Aoyama and other directly managed stores nationwide. According to the latest information, Mai-sen is currently running a campaign to increase the amount of its special filleted pork cutlets, offering 100 grams of filleted pork cutlets instead of the usual 90 grams. This campaign is even more economical as the price remains the same. A new product, the "Gomadare Hirekatsu Donburi" is also available, offering the perfect harmony of rich sesame sauce and tender filet mignon. Tonkatsu Mai-sen is a popular spot for both domestic and international tourists, and is highly regarded for its quality and service. The restaurant at the main Aoyama branch offers a variety of dishes, including a special filet mignon, and the line is always long, especially during lunchtime. Be sure to visit Mai-sen for a delicious tonkatsu.
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