Experience Japanese food culture: Enjoy takoyaki at Gin Dako



One of the most famous restaurants that cannot be missed when experiencing Japanese food culture is Tsukiji Gindako. Gindako is a popular chain known for its excellent takoyaki and has many fans in Japan and abroad. In particular, its characteristic ‘crispy on the outside, tender on the inside’ texture attracts many people.

Gindako was founded in Gunma Prefecture in 1997 and now operates nationwide. Takoyaki is one of Japan’s traditional street foods, and Gindako continues to represent it by offering high-quality takoyaki. In addition to the standard sauce flavour, customers can also enjoy a wide variety of seasonal and regional specialities.

This article details the attractions of Gindako and how to enjoy them, as well as recommended menus and points to consider when visiting. For foreign visitors to Japan, a meal at Gindako will be an unforgettable experience. We invite you to enjoy a piece of Japan’s culinary culture while savouring fresh and exquisite takoyaki.

Recommended menu

Gindako offers a wide variety of menu items, ranging from classic favourites to seasonal specialities. Here we introduce some of the most popular recommendations.

Octopus dumplings (sauce)

This is a typical Gindako menu item, characterised by its crispy outside and tender inside. The special sauce, mayonnaise, aonori (green laver) and bonito flakes intertwine perfectly to create a simple but deep flavour.


  • Ingredients: fresh octopus, cabbage and tenkasu.
  • Taste: a perfect balance of thick sauce and creamy mayonnaise.


A refreshing takoyaki with plenty of green onions and a special ponzu sauce. The acidity of the ponzu and the fragrance of the spring onions are a perfect match, making this a dish that will keep your chopsticks going.


  • Ingredients: fresh octopus, plenty of green onions and special ponzu sauce.
  • Taste: refreshing and appetising flavour!

Cheese cod roe

A rich-tasting takoyaki topped with mentaiko and cheese. Enjoy the harmony of melted cheese and tangy mentaiko.


  • Ingredients: fresh octopus, cod roe and cheese.
  • Taste: rich but with a tangy accent!


A takoyaki topped with a generous portion of special teriyaki sauce and egg salad. A satisfying and addictive dish with a rich flavour.


  • Ingredients: fresh octopus, special teriyaki sauce and egg salad.
  • Taste: A perfect match between the rich, sweet and spicy sauce and the creamy egg salad.


This pack can be enjoyed by a large group of people and is available in packs of 16 or 24 pieces. Ideal for sharing with family and friends.


  • Ingredients: fresh octopus, various toppings.
  • Taste: volume pack with many different types of takoyaki in one go.

Seasonal menu

Don’t miss the limited-edition menus that appear seasonally. Takoyaki made with seasonal ingredients and new flavours are regularly introduced, so you can enjoy new tastes every time you visit.


  • Ingredients: seasonal ingredients.
  • Tastes: seasonal flavours of the moment

Through these menus, you can fully enjoy the variety of flavours that Silver Dollar has to offer. There is also a wide variety of seasonal menus, so no matter how many times you visit, you will always find something new. Dining at Gindako is the perfect opportunity to experience Japanese takoyaki culture.

Experience and enjoy

A takoyaki experience at Gindako is the perfect opportunity to sample some of Japan’s street food culture. Gindako serves takoyaki that are famous for their unique texture – crispy on the outside and tender on the inside – and every time you visit, new ways to enjoy them are waiting for you. Below are some of the experiences and ways to enjoy yourself at Gindako.

How to enjoy eating.

  1. Enjoy the hotness.
    Gindako’s takoyaki tastes best when freshly cooked. We recommend that you start eating them as soon as they are served. You can enjoy the contrast between the crispy outer texture and the tender inner part. 2.

2.Variety of toppings.
In addition to sauces and mayonnaise, Gindako offers a variety of toppings such as spring onions, cod roe and cheese. One way to enjoy the toppings is to experiment with different toppings and find your own personal taste.

How to enjoy it in shops.

  1. Gindako Highball Bar.
    At Gindako Highball Bar, you can enjoy not only takoyaki but also a variety of alcoholic beverages with them. In particular, the takoyaki go particularly well with highballs, allowing you to enjoy takoyaki as a snack.

Takoyaki from Gindakko can also be taken out. You can stop by during your trip, buy some to take away and enjoy them at your hotel. You can also share them with friends and family at home.

3.Seasonal menu.
Gindako offers a limited seasonal menu. Takoyaki made with seasonal ingredients allow you to experience the flavours of the season and discover something new every time you visit.

The takoyaki experience at Gindako is not just about eating the takoyaki; it is also a chance to deeply appreciate Japanese food culture through the atmosphere of the place and the richly varied menu on offer. For foreign visitors to Japan, it is also a place worth visiting at least once. We hope you enjoy your time at Gindako.


When enjoying takoyaki at Gindako, you can make your dining experience more pleasant by observing a few basic manners. Here are some of the manners you should know when dining at Gindako.

Ordering etiquette.

  1. Follow the order.
    As Gindako is a popular restaurant, queues often form. Make sure to keep your order and avoid problems with other customers. In particular, it is a good idea to check the menu in advance to avoid having to decide what to order at the front of the queue. 2.

2.Clear ordering.
When ordering, it is important to clearly state the menu name and toppings. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the staff.

Manners during meals.

  1. Eat quietly.
    You are expected to enjoy your meal quietly and not talk loudly during the meal. Be considerate of your surroundings so as not to disturb other customers.

2.Sharing etiquette
When sharing with friends or family, it is common practice to use chopsticks for sharing and transfer the food to your own plate before eating. Avoid eating directly from the platter.

  1. Maintaining cleanliness.
    Take care not to make tables and counters dirty. If sauce or toppings are spilled, it is important to wipe them up with the napkin provided.

In-restaurant etiquette.

1.Yield tables.
During busy times, you are expected to leave your seat promptly after finishing your meal and give up your seat to another customer. Avoid staying too long and try to ensure that the next customer can be seated smoothly.

2.Manners with children
If you are with children, take care that they do not run around or shout. As a parent, it is important to take care not to disturb other customers.

After-dinner manners.

  1. Clean up rubbish.
    When you have finished eating, it is important to tidy up around your seat. Waste should be disposed of in the designated bins and crockery returned to its designated place.

2.Words of thanks.
You can leave a good impression by thanking the waiter with a “Gochisoso-sama desu” (Thank you for the food). In Japan, these small courtesies are valued.

By observing these manners, you can enjoy your meal at Gindako even more and maintain harmony with other customers. Respect Japanese food culture and enjoy a great dining experience.

Opening hours and closing days

Opening hours and closing days of Gindako vary from shop to shop, but some general information is given below. For specific shop information, please check the official website or individual shop guides.

General opening hours.

  • Weekdays: most shops are open from 11am to 10pm.
  • Weekends and public holidays: most shops are open from 11am to 9pm.

Closed on.

  • Sundays: some shops are closed on Sundays.
  • Holidays: Holidays are usually open the same hours as Sundays.

Advice on visiting shops.

  1. Check the official website in advance:
    It is recommended to check the opening hours and closing days on the official website or the shop’s information before visiting.
  2. Avoid busy times:
    Lunch and dinner times are particularly busy, so stagger your visit a little to ensure a relatively smooth experience.
  3. Take-out or delivery:
    Many Gindako restaurants offer take-out and delivery services. This is convenient during busy times or when it is difficult to go out.

When visiting Japan, be sure to enjoy Gindako’s takoyaki. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience Japanese food culture while savouring delicious takoyaki.

Reviews and ratings

Gindako is a popular takoyaki chain with many fans in Japan and abroad, and is highly regarded for its tasty and unique texture. Here are the latest reviews and ratings for Gindako.

Highly rated points.

1.Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside
Gindako’s takoyaki are characterised by their crunchy outside and tender inside thanks to a unique manufacturing process. This texture is loved by many and has been described as “a world apart from other takoyaki”. 2.

2.Various toppings.
The variety of sauces and toppings for takoyaki, including sauce, mayonnaise, spring onions, mentaiko (cod roe) and cheese, is highly valued for the variety it offers. Cheese Mentaiko and Negi-Dako are particularly popular.

3.Seasonal limited menu.
The restaurant receives high marks for its seasonal limited menu, which allows customers to enjoy new flavours no matter how many times they visit. Takoyaki made with seasonal ingredients provide a fresh surprise each time you visit.

4.Nationwide expansion.
As takoyaki shops are located all over Japan, the convenience of being able to enjoy takoyaki of a consistent quality anywhere is highly valued. Many shops are located in sightseeing spots and around train stations in major cities, making it easy for tourists to use.

Comments as points for improvement.

  1. High prices.
    Some reviewers feel that prices are higher than other takoyaki chains. However, some say that the quality of the takoyaki is more than compensated for by the high quality of the takoyaki.

2.Crowding and waiting time.
Due to the popularity of the restaurant, it is often crowded, especially on weekends and during lunchtime, and waiting times can be long. You can avoid the crowds by being creative with the time of day you visit.

International travellers’ ratings.

  1. Unique food experience.
    For international visitors, Gindako takoyaki is regarded as a great opportunity to experience Japanese street food culture. In particular, the texture of “crispy on the outside and soft on the inside” is highly valued as a unique food experience, as it is hard to find in other countries.

Many Gindako restaurants are located in major sightseeing spots and transport hubs, making it convenient to stop by during sightseeing.

Gindako attracts many people with its unique texture and diverse menu. When you visit Japan, be sure to stop by and experience their delicious taste.


Gindako is a chain of takoyaki that symbolises Japan’s street food culture, attracting many people with its unique ‘crispy on the outside, tasty on the inside’ texture. A wide variety of toppings and seasonal menus are also part of its charm, allowing customers to enjoy new tastes every time they visit.

For overseas visitors in particular, dining at Gindako is a valuable experience to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese food culture. Many shops are located near major sightseeing spots and train stations, so it is convenient to drop in casually between sightseeing trips. Some outlets also offer take-out and delivery services, making it possible to enjoy delicious takoyaki even during busy journeys.

Highly rated by word of mouth, Gindako has many fans for its quality and taste. Some people feel that the prices are a little high, but they appreciate the high quality of the takoyaki they offer. Waiting times can be long when the restaurant is busy, but it is still worth a visit.

Through the takoyaki experience at Gindako, you can fully appreciate the depth and charm of Japanese food culture. Have a great time while savouring the delicious takoyaki. We hope you enjoy your meal at Gindako when you visit Japan.