Experience Japanese food culture: Enjoy takoyaki at Takoyaki Juhachiban



Takoyaki Juhachiban is a must-experience when you come to Osaka. As the name suggests, Takoyaki Juhachiban is a restaurant that has mastered Osaka’s famous takoyaki, offering visitors an authentic taste of the city. Since its establishment, the restaurant has been loved by many locals and tourists alike, offering an unforgettable taste with its unique recipe and particular cooking method.

Takoyaki Juhachiban’s takoyaki is characterized by its exquisite texture, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The dough is made with special soup stock and milk, giving it a creamy, flavorful taste. Add to that the crunchy texture of the batter with plenty of fried egg, and each bite is a new surprise and delicious experience.

Located in the heart of Osaka, each of the 18-ban takoyaki stores is the perfect place to stop by between sightseeing and shopping. Whether it is the Nishinakajima Main Store, the Dotonbori Store, or the Universal City Walk Store, each store has its own unique characteristics and consistently delivers high quality takoyaki.

For an in-depth experience of Japanese food culture, be sure to visit Takoyaki Juhachiban. You will be able to fully enjoy the charm of authentic Osaka takoyaki that can only be found here.

Recommended Menu

Takoyaki Juhachiban

Takoyaki 18ban’s menu is loved by many locals and tourists alike for its unique production method and flavor. First, the “original takoyaki” is popular for its crispy outside and tender inside. The dough is blended with special soup stock and milk for a creamy, flavorful taste.

Chapu Chapu

Another recommended menu item is “Chapu Chapu. This is a style of eating takoyaki dipped in a special broth. The crispy outside of the takoyaki will spread in your mouth with the flavor of the broth. It is especially popular as a “shime” after drinking alcohol.

Takoyaki filled with Tenkasu

Takoyaki Juhachiban’s takoyaki is also characterized by its generous use of tenkasu. The tenkasu is kneaded into the dough, giving the takoyaki a crispy texture. This texture is unique and cannot be experienced at other takoyaki restaurants, and once you try it, you will never forget the taste.

TAKOPA Limited Menu

At TAKOPA, the Takoyaki Museum at Universal CityWalk Osaka, you can also enjoy a special menu. Here, several famous takoyaki restaurants, including Takoyaki Juhachiban, gather to offer their unique menus all at once. This is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a taste comparison.

These menus are well worth a visit, as you will be able to taste the best of what Takoyaki Juhachiban has to offer. When you visit Osaka, be sure to enjoy authentic takoyaki at Takoyaki Juhachiban.

How to experience and enjoy

How to enjoy yourself in the restaurant

When visiting Takoyaki Juhachiban, we recommend that you first enjoy your meal inside the restaurant. You can watch the takoyaki being made right in front of you in the open kitchen, and the deftness of the takoyaki and the savory smell of the takoyaki will whet your appetite. There is nothing better than tasting freshly made takoyaki while enjoying the sound and aroma of the takoyaki cooking.

Eating & Drinking

Takoyaki Juhachiban stores are located in sightseeing spots in Osaka, such as Dotonbori and Universal City Walk. One way to enjoy takoyaki is to stop by between sightseeing tours, take out takoyaki and enjoy eating them. Especially in the Dotonbori area, it is popular to stroll through the lively streets of Osaka with a takoyaki in your hand.

Experience at TAKOPA

At TAKOPA (TAKOYAKI PARK) located at Universal CityWalk, several famous takoyaki restaurants, including Takoyaki Juhachiban, are gathered here, allowing visitors to enjoy a wide variety of takoyaki at one time. Here, visitors can compare takoyaki and have fun finding their favorite takoyaki.

Takoyaki Making Experience

At the Konamon Museum in Dotonbori, visitors can try their hand at making takoyaki. Visitors can enjoy the fun of making their own takoyaki while learning the techniques of takoyaki juhachiban. Perfect for families and groups, this is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Osaka’s food culture.

Seasonal Menu

Takoyaki Juhachiban also offers a seasonal limited menu. Each time you visit, you can enjoy a new flavor, making this a restaurant you will want to return to again and again. It is recommended to check the official website and SNS for the latest menu information before visiting.

At Takoyaki Juhachiban, you can not only eat, but also enjoy using all five senses. We encourage you to try out different ways to enjoy them.


Manners inside the restaurant

When dining inside Takoyaki Juhachiban, please observe the following manners to ensure a pleasant experience. Please be considerate of other customers and enjoy your conversation quietly. When leaving your seat, organize your belongings and try to make the next customer comfortable.

Take-out manners

When using take-out, be careful not to disturb the people around you when carrying your purchased takoyaki around. If you are eating out, enjoy your meal in a designated area or on a bench, and be sure to dispose of your trash in a trash can. Also, refrain from talking loudly and be considerate of other passersby.

Manners while waiting

Because Takoyaki Juhachiban is a popular restaurant, there may be a long line of customers waiting in line. When waiting, it is important to keep an appropriate distance from other customers and keep your turn. If using a smartphone, keep the volume low or use earphones and be considerate of those around you. It is important to be considerate of each other, especially during busy times.

Basic Manners in Japanese Food Culture

In Japanese restaurants, including Takoyaki Juhachiban, you are expected to observe basic manners while eating. For example, care must be taken in the use of chopsticks. Basic manners such as not sticking chopsticks into food, not passing chopsticks to the side, and not using chopsticks to pass food to others should be observed. It is also common to say “Itadakimasu” and “Gochisosama desu” (thank you) before and after the meal.

By observing these manners, your meal at Takoyaki Juhachiban will be more comfortable and enjoyable. Please enjoy the delicious takoyaki to the fullest while respecting Japanese food culture.


Nishinakajima Honten

The main branch of Takoyaki Juhachiban is located in Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, and was established in 1990 and has been loved by many locals and tourists ever since. The main store is conveniently located a two-minute walk from Nishinakajima Minamikata Station on the Midosuji Subway Line and a one-minute walk from Minamikata Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. Business hours are from 12:00 to 22:00, and the restaurant is open every day of the week. Counter and table seating is available, and you can enjoy takoyaki in a homey atmosphere.

Dotonbori Branch

Dotonbori Branch is located in Dotonbori, one of Osaka’s most popular tourist attractions. Located in a bustling area, it is a popular spot visited by many tourists. We offer takoyaki that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and you can taste them with special sauce or salt. It is a great place to stop by during a break from sightseeing.

Universal CityWalk Osaka Branch

The Universal CityWalk Osaka branch is located near Universal Studios Japan and is extremely popular with tourists. It is part of the Takoyaki Museum “TAKOPA” and operates along with several takoyaki restaurants, offering a wide variety of takoyaki. It is a great place for families and groups to visit.

HEP Navio Branch

HEP Navio Store is located in the Umeda area of Osaka and is a convenient place to stop by between shopping trips. Located in a shopping mall, customers can casually enjoy takoyaki while shopping, and the HEP Navio store also offers takoyaki with a crispy texture.

Each Takoyaki Juhachiban location offers consistently high quality takoyaki, along with the charm of each store. When visiting Osaka, be sure to visit each Takoyaki Juhachiban location and enjoy the authentic takoyaki experience.

Reservations and queue management

How to make reservations

Reservations are generally not accepted at Takoyaki Juhachiban. Therefore, it is important to plan your visit in advance. If you are planning a special event or a visit with a large group of people, you should contact the restaurant directly.

Measures to Prevent Lines

Lines often form at the popular Takoyaki Juhachiban, especially on weekends and holidays. Take the following tips to help you avoid lines.

Visit early in the day

The easiest way to avoid lines is to visit early, just after opening or before lunch time. Takoyaki Juhachiban is generally open from 12:00 to 22:00, so it is often relatively empty just after opening.


Weekends and holidays are crowded with tourists, but weekdays are relatively empty. In particular, Monday through Thursday are the best times to avoid lines during the daytime.

Using take-out

If you want to avoid the lines, one option is to use take-out. With takeout, you can shorten the wait time in the restaurant and enjoy takoyaki at your leisure in a nearby park or tourist spot.

Using Off-Peak Hours

Avoiding peak lunch and dinner hours can reduce wait times. For example, between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., the restaurant is often relatively empty.

Check social media and official websites

It is also useful to check official websites and social media for information on crowds and wait times in advance. By checking real-time information, you can visit at the best time.

How to spend a comfortable waiting time

If you cannot avoid waiting in line, you can make the most of your waiting time by visiting nearby tourist spots and cafes. Since Osaka has many sightseeing spots, you can adjust your time while enjoying sightseeing.

Please use these measures to enjoy an enjoyable dining experience at Takoyaki Juhachiban. By planning your visit, you can enjoy delicious takoyaki smoothly and comfortably.

Reviews and Ratings

Takoyaki Juhachiban has received high praise from many customers. In particular, many customers say that the takoyaki is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making it an excellent choice. The following comments can be found on review sites.

Evaluation regarding taste

Many reviewers praise Takoyaki Juhachiban’s takoyaki for its exquisite texture: crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The milk and tenkasu in the dough create this unique texture and flavor, and once tasted, it is unforgettable. The menu items with plenty of green onions and tenkasu are also very popular, and many customers have commented that the taste is “unmatched.

Evaluation of Service

The restaurant’s atmosphere and staff are also well received, with many reviewers saying that the “kind and friendly service is pleasant. The service is also considerate to tourists, allowing first-time visitors to enjoy the restaurant with ease.

Popular Menu

Popular menu items include “takoyaki with a big bowl of green onions” and “tempura dashi. The “Negi Oomasu Takoyaki” features a generous amount of green onions on top of the takoyaki, creating a perfect match between the crunchy texture of the takoyaki and the tenderness of the takoyaki. Ten-dashi is a style of eating takoyaki dipped in a special soup stock, and is highly rated for its Japanese flavor.

Overall Rating

Overall, Takoyaki Juhachiban is highly rated for its taste, service, and atmosphere, and is loved not only by locals but also by many tourists. If you visit Osaka, be sure to experience the authentic takoyaki of Takoyaki Juhachiban.

With these reviews and ratings, we hope you will visit Takoyaki Juhachiban and enjoy an unforgettable and delicious experience.


Takoyaki Juhachiban is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Osaka takoyaki. Since its establishment, the takoyaki has been loved by many locals and tourists alike, and its exquisite crispy outside and tender inside make it an unforgettable taste experience once you try it. Each store, including the Nishinakajima Main Store, Dotonbori Store, Universal City Walk Osaka Store, and HEP Navio Store, has its own unique charm, yet consistently delivers high quality takoyaki. When you visit Osaka, be sure to enjoy the delicious takoyaki at Takoyaki Juhachiban.