Experience Japanese Food Culture: Osaka’s Famous Tempura at Tempura Daikichi



If you are looking for the best of Osaka’s culinary specialties, you cannot miss Tempura Daikichi. This long-established tempura restaurant was established in 1982 and is widely loved by locals and tourists alike. Known for its late-night hours, Tempura Daikichi is a special place to enjoy delicious tempura until late at night.

Tempura Daikichi is the perfect place to experience Osaka’s tempura culture. Here, fresh ingredients are used and tempura is carefully deep-fried one by one by artisans. The restaurant is full of energy, and from your seat at the counter you can watch the tempura being fried right in front of you. This live experience is a rare glimpse into one aspect of Japanese Food Culture.

Tempura Daikichi is characterized by its unique style. The famous asari-jiru (scallion soup) is especially popular with many visitors. This dish, served with tempura, is truly an experience that can only be had at Tempura Daikichi.

Before visiting, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. Because of the restaurant’s popularity, there is often a long line, but even the wait is an element that heightens your anticipation. In this article, we would like to share with you the charm of Japanese Food Culture through our experience at Tempura Daikichi. We hope you will have a special moment at Tempura Daikichi when you visit Osaka.

Recommended Menu

At Tempura Daikichi, you can enjoy a variety of tempura dishes. Here are some of the recommended menus that are especially popular among visitors.


The “Shokichi Zari” is a set of 7 tempura dishes. It is priced at 1000 yen and is recommended for first-time visitors. This dish offers a solid taste of the basics of tempura.

Miso soup with scallion

Tempura Daikichi’s famous “Asari Miso Soup” is a perfect accompaniment to tempura. Full of the flavor of asari, this miso soup is a favorite of many visitors. The price is 350 yen.


Tendon” is a bowl of rice topped with two large shrimp tempura and softly simmered with egg. A regular portion is served for 600 yen and a large portion for 700 yen. It is a hearty and satisfying dish.

Vegetable Tempura

Tempura Daikichi offers tempura made with seasonal vegetables starting at 100 yen each. A variety of vegetables such as eggplant, red ginger, and sweet potato are available, perfect for the health-conscious.


Assorted platters are also popular, perfect for sharing with family and friends. We offer hearty set menus such as the “Nakayoshi Platter” (15 items, 2000 yen) and the “Daikichi Platter” (23 items, 3600 yen).

Special Tempura

Tempura made with fresh seafood is also not to be missed. Shrimp, conger eel, and squid are available for 150 yen each, and a wide variety of other dishes such as sardines, pike conger, and scallops are also available. Tempura is especially popular for its crispy, freshly fried texture and the delicious flavor of the ingredients.

At Tempura Daikichi, you can enjoy a wide variety of tempura dishes made with fresh ingredients. When you visit Osaka, be sure to enjoy the excellent tempura at Tempura Daikichi.

Experience and Enjoy

A meal at Tempura Daikichi is more than just a meal, it is a special experience. Here we introduce its charm and how to enjoy it.

Enjoy the craftsmanship right in front of your eyes

At Tempura Daikichi, you can sit at the counter and watch artisans fry tempura right in front of you. You can enjoy just watching the freshly fried tempura being served one after another. The skill and deftness of the craftsmen are truly the crystallization of traditional Japanese techniques.

Late Night Hours

Tempura Daikichi is open until late at night, so you can enjoy fresh tempura even late at night. It is the perfect place to stop by after enjoying Osaka’s nightlife. Even if you are late on a day of sightseeing or business, you can enjoy a warm bowl of tempura to end the day.

Tempura carefully deep-fried one dish at a time

Tempura is carefully deep-fried one by one and served at its best. The crispiness of the freshly fried tempura and the flavor of the ingredients will spread in your mouth, allowing you to enjoy a moment of bliss. You can also choose the special sauce or salt to go with the tempura for an even deeper taste experience.

Perfect combination with scallion miso soup

Tempura Daikichi’s famous “Asari Miso Soup” is the perfect accompaniment to tempura. The miso soup, filled with the flavor of scallions, enhances the taste of the tempura and makes the entire meal even better. Many visitors rave about this combination.

Enjoy the local atmosphere

Tempura Daikichi is known as a restaurant loved by locals, and when you visit, you can feel the local atmosphere of Osaka. The warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere make even first-time visitors feel relaxed and comfortable.

Dining at Tempura Daikichi is more than just eating tempura; it is a special experience of traditional Japanese culture and hospitality. We hope you will enjoy a blissful experience at this wonderful tempura restaurant when you visit Osaka.


To enjoy Japanese Food Culture, it is important to understand basic manners. In order to enjoy your meal at Tempura Daikichi, please observe the following manners.

Reservations and punctuality

Because Tempura Daikichi is very popular, reservations in advance are strongly recommended. Weekends and holidays in particular are often crowded, so early reservations are necessary. Also, be sure not to be late for your appointment. Punctuality is very important in Japanese culture.

Dress Code

There is no special dress code at Tempura Daikichi. You can feel free to visit the restaurant in casual attire. However, in order to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, it is advisable to wear clean clothes.

Dining Manners

Tempura tastes best when it is freshly fried, so it is recommended to eat it as soon as it is served. Also, special sauce and salt are available for tempura. If you are a first-timer, you should ask the staff for their recommendation on how to eat it. Care should also be taken with the use of chopsticks; avoid lifting them up and handing them to the person you are eating with or stabbing the food with them.

Conversation and Atmosphere

At Tempura Daikichi, we value a relaxed atmosphere. Please refrain from loud conversations and use of cell phones, and try not to disturb other customers. When enjoying conversation, it is important to speak in a calm tone, taking the surrounding atmosphere into consideration.

Payment Methods

At Tempura Daikichi, payment is accepted in cash only. Credit cards and electronic money are not accepted, so we recommend that you have cash ready prior to your visit.

Tipping Customs

Tipping is not customary in Japan. The same is true at Tempura Daikichi. If you receive excellent service, the best way is to express your gratitude in words.

By observing these manners, you will enjoy your meal at Tempura Oyoshi even more. Please enjoy the delicious tempura while respecting the Japanese culture.


Store information for Tempura Daikichi is summarized below. Please refer to it when you visit.

Sakai Main Store

  • Address: Sakai Fish Market, 2-4-28 Eihashi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka
  • Telephone: 072-233-8418
  • Opening hours: Late night 0:00-9:00
  • Closed: Open daily
  • Payment: Cash only
  • Access: By train
  • Nearest Station: Sakai Station on Nankai Line
  • Walk: 10 minutes walk from Sakai Station

Namba Komejirushi Store

  • Address: Namba Komejirushi, 2-10-25 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • Telephone: 06-6644-2958
  • Business Hours: Weekdays
  • Weekdays: 11:30-15:00 / 17:00-23:00
  • Weekends & Holidays: 11:00-15:00 / 17:00-23:00
  • Closed: Mondays (or the following Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday), irregular holidays
  • Payment: Cash only
  • Access: by phone
  • Nearest Station: Nankai Railway “Namba” station
  • Walk: 4 minutes walk from Namba Station

Whity Umeda Store

  • Address: East Mall NOMOKA, 3-1 Umeda Underground Mall, Doyama-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • Telephone number: 06-6131-0723
  • Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 (subject to change)
  • Closed: None
  • Payment: Cash only
  • Access: Nearby Station: Nearby Station: **Nearby Station
  • Nearest Station: Nakazaki-cho Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line
  • Walk: 3 minutes walk from Nakazakicho station

At Tempura Daikichi, you can enjoy tempura made with fresh ingredients and their famous scallion miso soup at any of their restaurants. When visiting, it is recommended to check the business hours and holidays in advance.

Reservations and queue management

Tempura Daikichi is extremely popular, so it is important to take precautions when visiting. Below are details on how to make reservations and how to avoid waiting in line.


  1. No Reservations.
  • Reservations are not accepted at Tempura Daikichi. You will be guided in the order you arrive at the restaurant, so advance preparation is required to avoid a line.

How to Avoid Lines

1.Arrive early.

  • As a popular restaurant, lines often form, especially during lunch and dinner hours. We recommend arriving a little before opening time to reduce waiting time.

2.Avoid peak hours.

  • Avoiding peak hours during lunch and dinner hours will help you avoid lines. For example, arriving a little before 11:30 a.m. for lunch and a little before 5:00 p.m. for dinner will allow you to enjoy your meal during relatively empty hours.


  • We recommend that you visit on a weekday if possible, as weekends and holidays are likely to be crowded. Lines tend to be smaller and wait times shorter on weekdays.

4.Group Visits.

  • Visiting in a group may make it difficult to secure a seat. Visiting in small groups and avoiding busy times will increase the likelihood of a smooth entry into the restaurant.

5.Confirm information in advance.

  • Before visiting, it is effective to check the official SNS or website for the latest opening hours and congestion status. This will help you avoid unnecessary waiting time.

Please refer to these queue planning tips to ensure a smooth dining experience at Tempura Daikichi. When you visit Osaka, please plan your visit and enjoy the delicious tempura.

Reviews and Ratings

Tempura Daikichi is highly rated by many visitors and its popularity is widely known by word of mouth. Below is a summary of the latest reviews and ratings.

Rating in food log

Tempura Daikichi Sakai” is highly rated by many users on the food log. In particular, the restaurant is highly rated for the delicious tempura made with fresh ingredients and the fact that it is open until late at night. The fact that the restaurant is so popular that customers line up even late at night shows the high quality of its taste and service.

TripAdvisor rating

Tempura Daikichi Namba Komejirushi is highly rated on TripAdvisor. Many travelers rave about the casual atmosphere and reasonable prices. In addition, the quality of the asari miso soup and various types of tempura are especially appreciated.

Rating on Retty

On Retty, there are many reviews by real name users, praising the taste and volume of tempura as well as the high cost-performance ratio. The lunchtime set menu is especially popular, not only among local regulars but also tourists.

General Comments

According to the reviews of visitors, Tempura Daikichi has the following attractions.

  • Fresh ingredients: Tempura made with fresh seafood and vegetables purchased daily from the market.
  • Various Menu: In addition to tempura, the restaurant offers a variety of side dishes such as miso soup with scallions.
  • Cost Performance: Highly rated for its high quality tempura at a reasonable price.
  • Open Hours: Open until late at night, so you can enjoy delicious tempura even late at night.

Tempura Daikichi is a must-visit tempura restaurant for tourists and locals alike. When you visit Osaka, be sure to enjoy authentic tempura at Tempura Daikichi.


Tempura Daikichi is a must-visit restaurant when visiting Osaka. Its appeal lies in the delicious tempura made with fresh ingredients and the casual atmosphere. Word of mouth from visitors clearly explains why it has received high praise.

First, Tempura Daikichi uses fresh seafood and vegetables purchased daily from the market. The tempura is carefully deep-fried in front of the eyes of the chef, resulting in a crispy outside and juicy inside, bringing out the best flavor of the ingredients. In particular, the famous miso soup with scallions is highly praised by many visitors and is a perfect accompaniment to the tempura.

Furthermore, Tempura Daikichi is known for its extremely high cost performance, as it offers high quality tempura at a reasonable price. Lines often form during lunch and dinner hours, but the wait is also an element that heightens the anticipation of enjoying delicious tempura.

The fact that the restaurant is open until late at night is also a major attraction. This makes the restaurant accessible to many people because they can enjoy delicious tempura even at late hours after a day of sightseeing or business.

Access is also very convenient, and its location just a few minutes’ walk from Namba Station makes it an ideal place to stop by during a break from sightseeing. Reservations are not accepted, so we recommend arriving early or visiting on a weekday. Also, payment is by cash only, so it is best to come prepared in advance.

A meal at Tempura Daikichi is more than just a meal; it is a special experience of Japanese Food Culture. When you visit Osaka, be sure to enjoy fresh tempura and warm hospitality at Tempura Daikichi. Its charm and deliciousness will make your trip even richer.