Experience Japanese Food Culture: The Best Pork Cutlet at Tonkatsu Mai-sen



Founded in 1965, Tonkatsu Mai-sen has been attracting many fans for its “tender pork cutlets that can be cut with chopsticks. Mai-sen tonkatsu is made from carefully selected pork and coated with a unique breading, and can be enjoyed at the main store in Aoyama and other directly managed stores nationwide.

According to the latest information, Mai-sen is currently running a campaign to increase the amount of its special filleted pork cutlets, offering 100 grams of filleted pork cutlets instead of the usual 90 grams. This campaign is even more economical as the price remains the same. A new product, the “Gomadare Hirekatsu Donburi” is also available, offering the perfect harmony of rich sesame sauce and tender filet mignon.

Tonkatsu Mai-sen is a popular spot for both domestic and international tourists, and is highly regarded for its quality and service. The restaurant at the main Aoyama branch offers a variety of dishes, including a special filet mignon, and the line is always long, especially during lunchtime. Be sure to visit Mai-sen for a delicious tonkatsu.

For the latest campaign and product information, please check Mai-sen’s official website and SNS for reference when you visit.

Recommended Menu

Tonkatsu Mai-sen’s recommended menu offers the best eating experience in any season. First, the “Hire Katsu Sandwich” is a must-try item. The tender filet mignon, special sauce, and fluffy bread are a perfect match, making it a popular menu item that can be easily enjoyed. It is especially recommended as a light meal during lunch time or while traveling.

Next, the “Special Hire Katsu” is one of Mai-sen’s signature dishes. It is made from carefully selected pork and is so tender that it can be cut with chopsticks. It can be easily heated and enjoyed at home, or you can take it out and enjoy it at your hotel.

The seasonal menu is also not to be missed. For example, the summer-only “Kurobuta Tonkatsu and Summer Seafood Mixed Fry Set” allows you to enjoy fresh fried scallops and fried shrimp together with Kurobuta tonkatsu. Seasonal menus such as this one will have you discovering new tastes every time you visit, making it enjoyable again and again.

In addition, the “Chami Pork Loin Katsu Set” is made with pork raised on feed containing tea ingredients and has a refreshing taste. The refreshing aftertaste and juicy meat make this an unforgettable dish.

Every dish on the menu is a masterpiece created by Mai-sen’s artisans with the utmost care and attention. Come visit Tonkatsu Mai-sen to experience Japanese Food Culture. The latest menu and campaign information can be found on the official website and SNS, so check before you visit.

Experience and Enjoy

The dining experience at Tonkatsu Mai-sen is more than just a meal. First of all, the Aoyama Main Restaurant is special for its atmosphere and service. The restaurant is decorated in a relaxed Japanese style, and you can feel the traditional Japanese atmosphere just by visiting. At the restaurant, you can enjoy tonkatsu cooked right in front of you, the aroma and sound of the food whetting your appetite.

At Mai-sen, don’t miss the special menus and promotions that change with the seasons. For example, special menus using seasonal ingredients, such as the summer-only “Kurobuta Tonkatsu and Summer Seafood Mixed Fry Set” and the “Sweet Temptation” Special Loin Katsu Set, offer something new to discover no matter how many times you visit. During certain periods of the year, there are also special offers such as stamp campaigns, making each visit even more enjoyable.

In addition, Mai-sen offers a full range of takeout and delivery services. You can enjoy delicious tonkatsu even in the middle of your busy daily life or sightseeing. There is a wide variety of easily portable menu items such as special filet cutlet sandwiches and pocket sandwiches. These menu items are perfect for accompanying you on your Shinkansen journey or relaxing in your hotel.

Mai-sen stores are spread throughout Japan, each offering slightly different menus and services. With menus featuring regional specialties and limited-edition promotions, a new experience awaits you each time you visit.

Finally, you can keep up with the latest campaigns and new menu items by checking Mai-sen’s official website and SNS. Tonkatsu Mai-sen is more than just a place to eat; it is a place where you can deeply savor and enjoy Japanese Food Culture. Every time you visit, you will discover something new and exciting.


In order to enjoy your meal at Tonkatsu Mai-sen, it is important to understand Japanese dining etiquette. Japanese Food Culture emphasizes not only the enjoyment of food, but also etiquette and manners. Below are some good manners to know when visiting Tonkatsu Mai-sen.

Manners when taking a seat

First, you may need to remove your shoes when taking your seat. Especially in a Japanese-style seating room, it is common to take off your shoes and change into slippers. Make sure you know how to take off your shoes at the entrance and where to store them. Also, remember to put your shoes together. This is basic etiquette in Japan.

Ordering Manners

When ordering, choose carefully from the menu and politely inform the waiter of your order. In many Japanese restaurants, it is common to express gratitude by saying “Itadakimasu” before the food is served. This is an important custom to show your appreciation for the person who prepared your meal and the ingredients.

How to use chopsticks

During the meal, you should also pay attention to how you use your chopsticks. When using chopsticks, try to hold the food between them instead of stabbing it. It is also considered bad manners to stick chopsticks into dishes or to rub them against each other. By learning how to use chopsticks correctly, you will become more familiar with Japanese culture.

How to Eat Tonkatsu

When eating tonkatsu, pour an appropriate amount of the sauce provided over the tonkatsu and enjoy. Tonkatsu Mai-sen’s special sauce has an exquisite flavor that enhances the taste of the dish, so we recommend that you adjust it to your own taste by pouring a little at a time. In addition, eating it in a well-balanced manner with rice and miso soup will make the dish even more delicious.

After-meal manners

When you finish your meal, express your gratitude by saying “Gochisoso-sama desu” (Thank you for the meal). This is one of the very important manners in Japanese culture. By expressing gratitude to the people who served you your meal, you will enrich your dining experience. Keeping the table clean and packing up the used dishes also shows courtesy to the waiter.

By observing these manners, your dining experience at Tonkatsu Mai-sen will be more enjoyable and you will gain a deeper understanding of Japanese Food Culture. By keeping these points in mind before you visit, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant and memorable dining experience.


Tonkatsu Mai-sen has a large number of stores throughout Japan, each offering unique menus and services. Below are some of the major stores that are especially worth visiting.

Aoyama Honten

  • Address: 4-8-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00 (last order 21:30)
  • Features: The Aoyama Main Store is the birthplace of Mai-sen, a traditional and prestigious restaurant. It is a luxurious space where you can enjoy a relaxing Japanese-style interior and high-quality tonkatsu.

Grandsta Tokyo Branch

  • Address: Gransta Tokyo, B1F, JR Tokyo Station, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours: Weekdays and Saturdays 8:00-22:00, Sundays and holidays 8:00-21:00
  • Features: Located inside Tokyo Station, convenient for travelers. At this newly reopened store, you can enjoy limited items such as “Pocket Sandwich” and “Sweet Temptation Menchikatsu Burger”.

Daimaru Tokyo Store

  • Address: Daimaru Tokyo Store 12F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 (last order 21:00)
  • Features: Daimaru Tokyo Store offers delicious tonkatsu in a convenient location when using Tokyo Station. The premium menu items such as “Kurobuta Loin Katsu Set” and “Chami Pork Tonkatsu Set” are especially popular.

Kyoto Isetan Branch

  • Address: B2F, JR Kyoto Isetan, Higashishioji-cho, Shiokoji-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
  • Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
  • Features: Conveniently located in the heart of Kyoto, this store is a great place to stop by while sightseeing. You can also enjoy a limited menu using local ingredients.

Osaka Takashimaya Store

  • Address: Osaka Takashimaya B1F, 5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
  • Features: Located in a major shopping area in Osaka, customers can enjoy delicious tonkatsu in between shopping trips. The “Special Filet Katsu” is especially popular.

Latest Store Information and Limited Menu

  • Limited Menu: The Tokyo Station Gransta branch offers limited items such as the Hire Katsu Sandwich and the Special Hire Katsu Bento, which are available in special packages.
  • Campaign Information: Periodic stamp campaigns and limited time menu items can be found on the official website and SNS.

Delivery and Online Services

  • Mai-sen’s official online store offers a wide variety of products that can be ordered. Enjoy authentic tonkatsu at home.

Mai-sen’s stores are located all over Japan, and each region has its own unique characteristics, offering something new to discover each time you visit. Please check the official website and SNS from time to time to avoid missing out on the latest information and campaigns.

Reservations and queue management

Tonkatsu Mai-sen is loved by many people for its delicious taste, and there is often a long line, especially on weekends and holidays. The following is a guide to making reservations and avoiding lines.

How to make a reservation

  1. Reservations by phone: Reservations can be made by phone at major stores. Especially at popular stores such as the main Aoyama store, you can greatly reduce waiting time by making a reservation in advance. We recommend that you confirm the date and time of your visit and make reservations well in advance. 2.
  2. Online Reservations: Some stores also accept online reservations. Reservations can be easily made through the official website or affiliated reservation sites, and availability can be checked in real time.

How to avoid lines

1.Aim for off-peak hours: You can reduce waiting time by avoiding busy times. We recommend slightly off-peak lunch hours on weekdays and early dinner hours. 2.

  1. Take-out: If you are pressed for time or the restaurant is full, take-out is another option. You can enjoy Tonkatsu Mai-sen’s delicious menu in the comfort of your own home or hotel.
  2. Check the limited menu in advance: If there is a popular limited menu, it is a good idea to check in advance when it will be served and its availability. Some menu items are only available at certain times, so visiting early will ensure that you can enjoy them.

Recommended times

  • Before lunch time on weekdays: The restaurant is often relatively empty around 11:00 on weekdays. Visit during this time and you will have a better chance of getting into the restaurant smoothly.
  • Just after dinner time: Avoid the dinner time crowds and visit around 6:00 p.m. or after 8:00 p.m., and you can expect a shorter wait time.

Other Measures

  • Check the cancellation policy: When making a reservation, it is important to check the cancellation policy. Choose a restaurant that is flexible to accommodate sudden schedule changes.
  • Visiting with a group: If you are visiting with a large group, contacting the restaurant in advance may make it easier to secure a seat. Early reservations are recommended, especially during busy periods.

By utilizing these measures, you can enjoy a stress-free dining experience at Tonkatsu Mai-sen. The latest reservation status and crowd information can be found on the official website and SNS, so please check before visiting.

Reviews and Ratings

Tonkatsu Mai-sen is highly rated by many people for its great taste and service. Below is an overview of the main reviews and ratings.

Taste & Quality

  • Filet Katsu Sandwich: Many reviewers rave about the especially popular Filet Katsu Sandwich, which is a perfect combination of tender filet, special sauce, and fluffy bread. It is also highly rated as a bento box lunch or souvenir.
  • Special Filet Cutlet: The Best Pork Cutlet I’ve ever had,” many reviewers say, referring to the tenderness of the cutlet that can be cut with chopsticks.


  • Customer Service: Many users highly praise the quality of customer service. Many users praise the quality of the service, saying it is prompt, courteous, and attentive.
  • Ambiance: The Aoyama main restaurant, for example, is praised for its relaxed Japanese-style interior and cleanliness. Private rooms are especially available, suitable for private dining or business meetings.

Cost Performance

  • Price range: The restaurant is evaluated that the price is appropriate for the quality of the food. Many reviews mention that the lunch menu, in particular, is reasonable yet satisfying.
  • Special Plan: Special plans, such as an all-you-can-drink course meal, are popular and offer even better value for money.


  • Access: Located within walking distance from Omotesando Station, the Aoyama Honten is well-received for its easy accessibility. It is a convenient location to stop by during sightseeing or shopping.
  • Online Reservations: Some locations offer online advance reservations, which is highly regarded as a convenient service, especially for tourists.

Overall Rating.

  • User Ratings: Highly rated on many review sites, especially for taste and service, and maintains high ratings on review sites such as Retty, Eat Log, and TripAdvisor.

For the most up-to-date reviews and detailed ratings, we recommend checking review sites and the official website. This will allow you to get the most up-to-date information before you visit and enjoy a better dining experience.


Tonkatsu Mai-sen is an essential part of the Japanese Food Culture experience. Its blend of time-honored traditions and modern, high-quality service has made the restaurant a favorite of many people from Japan and abroad. Below is a summary of the key points introduced so far.

Taste and Quality

All dishes on Tonkatsu Mai-sen’s menu, including the special filet mignon and filet mignon sandwiches, are prepared with high quality ingredients and expertly cooked. The tenderness and exquisite flavor, which can be cut with chopsticks, have earned high praise from many reviewers.

Service and Atmosphere

At each location, courteous and prompt service is provided to ensure the satisfaction of every customer who visits. The Aoyama main restaurant, in particular, offers a relaxed Japanese-style interior and private rooms, ideal for business meetings or special family meals.

Convenient Reservation System and Queue Management

Advance reservations can significantly reduce waiting time. Online reservations are also available at some locations and are very convenient for tourists. Off-peak hours to avoid crowds and take-out options are also available.

Highly Rated Reviews

Highly rated on many review sites, the restaurant is highly satisfactory in terms of taste, service, and value for money. Many positive feedbacks have been received from actual users.

Easy access and variety of outlets

We have numerous outlets in major cities, each offering unique menus and services in their respective areas. The Aoyama Main Store, Tokyo Station Gransta Store, Osaka Takashimaya Store, and others are conveniently located so that customers can stop by during sightseeing or shopping.

Tonkatsu Mai-sen is more than just a place to dine; it is a place where you can deeply savor and enjoy Japanese Food Culture. We hope you will visit us on your next trip to Japan or next time you dine out. Please check the official website and SNS for the latest information and promotions as they are constantly updated.