Experience Japanese Food Culture: Enjoy Ramen at Ichiran



Ichiran is a ramen chain that should not be missed when experiencing Japanese food culture. Ichiran is loved by tourists from all over the world for its unique ramen style and dining experience. Originating in Fukuoka, Ichiran is known for specializing in natural tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, especially its rich and creamy broth.

Ichiran’s appeal goes beyond its delicious ramen. The unique system for enjoying your meal is also worth a visit. For example, the restaurant offers a private space called the “Taste Concentration Counter,” where you can concentrate on the taste of your ramen without worrying about other customers. Another attraction is the ability to customize the intensity of the flavor and the hardness of the noodles to your own taste using an order form.

Ichiran’s nationwide presence in Japan ensures consistent quality ramen at all of its locations, making it easy for first-time visitors to enjoy their ramen experience. This article provides information to help you get the most out of your ramen experience at Ichiran. Come hungry and dive into the fascinating world of Ichiran’s ramen.

Recommended Menu

Natural Tonkotsu Ramen

Ichiran’s signature dish, “Natural Tonkotsu Ramen,” features a creamy pork bone broth without any peculiarities. By adding our secret red sauce, the spicy and umami flavors are perfectly blended to give it a deeper taste. The special thin noodles that go well with the soup can be made as hard as you like on the order form.


Kaitama,” a symbol of Hakata ramen culture, is also a popular menu item at Ichiran. Since you can order only noodles with the soup left over, you can enjoy a different texture and flavor from the first bowl. You can choose the hardness and quantity of the refill, so order according to your preference.

Half-boiled salted boiled egg

One of the most popular side dishes at Ichiran is the “half-boiled salted boiled egg. It is characterized by the elasticity of the white and the smoothness of the yolk, making it a perfect accompaniment to ramen. The simple, salty flavor enhances the deliciousness of the pork bone broth.

Recommendations other than ramen

At Ichiran, there are other menu items to enjoy besides ramen. For example, there is special chashu pork and well-seasoned menma. The green tea ice cream served as a dessert menu is also a great way to refresh your palate after a meal.

Store Limited Menu

Some Ichiran restaurants offer limited edition menus. Be sure to check out the seasonal ramen, special toppings, and other specialties that are available at each store you visit.

You can fully enjoy your meal at Ichiran with a variety of menus centered around our special natural tonkotsu ramen. Be sure to try these recommended menu items on your next visit.

Experience and Enjoy

The ramen experience at Ichiran is unique and different from other ramen restaurants. Here are some of the ways to enjoy yourself at Ichiran.

Taste Concentration Counter

Ichiran’s “Taste Concentration Counter” provides a private space where you can concentrate on your meal. At this counter, there is a partition between you and the seat next to you, allowing you to enjoy your ramen in your own private space. This allows you to concentrate on the flavor of your ramen and enjoy your meal in peace and quiet.

Ordering System

At Ichiran, you can customize your ramen to your liking using an order sheet. You can set the hardness of the noodles, the thickness of the soup, the amount of garlic, the amount of secret sauce, and other details. Simply fill out the order sheet and hand it to the staff, and you will be served a bowl of ramen that perfectly matches your preferences.

How to Enjoy Kaitama

Be sure to try “kaedama” (替玉), a part of Hakata ramen culture. By ordering only noodles with the soup left over, you can enjoy a different texture and flavor from the first bowl. Ordering a “kaedama” is easy; just push the button on your seat.

Ichiran’s Restaurant Atmosphere

The interior of Ichiran restaurants is designed in a traditional Japanese style, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Some stores have retro signage and decorations, providing plenty of visual enjoyment. While waiting for your ramen, take a look around the restaurant and enjoy its unique atmosphere.

Dessert Menu

At Ichiran, you can enjoy not only ramen but also desserts. Especially popular is the matcha ice cream. Enjoying a refreshing dessert after ramen will make your entire meal even more satisfying.

Learn about Ichiran’s history

Each Ichiran restaurant may have information on display about its history and founder. Reading this information while waiting and learning about Ichiran’s history and philosophy will give you a deeper understanding and empathy.

Dining at Ichiran is more than just a meal; it is an experience. You will gain a deeper understanding of Japanese ramen culture while enjoying the unique system and delicious ramen. We hope you will enjoy this special dining experience at Ichiran.


To enhance your ramen experience at Ichiran, it is important to observe a few basic manners. This will help you avoid problems with other customers and staff and ensure a pleasant dining experience.

How to use your seat

At Ichiran’s “Taste Concentration Counter,” each seat is partitioned to allow you to enjoy your meal in privacy. Once seated, place your luggage at your feet or on the luggage rack next to your seat, and do not place it in the aisle. Also, be careful not to open the partition of the seat next to you without permission.

Filling out the order sheet

The order sheet is used to customize your ramen, and it is important to fill out the sheet accurately. Filling in all the required fields and writing in clear handwriting will help the staff receive your order smoothly.

Manners while eating

When eating ramen, try to enjoy your meal as quietly as possible. While the sounds of drinking soup and slurping noodles are often acceptable in Japan, please avoid talking loudly or disturbing other customers. Also, refrain from talking loudly on your cell phone while eating.

Ordering a refill

To order a second helping, press the button provided at your seat to call for a staff member. When the refill arrives, add the new noodle to the remaining soup and enjoy. You may also need to fill out an order sheet for additional orders, so be sure to check it out.

Keep the restaurant clean.

After your meal, try to keep your seat as clean as possible. Place dishes and trash together on the table, and if you spill food on the floor, let the staff know so they can clean it up.

Paying and leaving the restaurant

After finishing your meal, pay at the counter. When paying, it is a good idea to express your appreciation for the service provided. Also, leave your seat promptly so as not to disturb other customers.

By observing these manners, you can make your dining experience at Ichiran more pleasant and enjoyable. Enjoy your delicious ramen to your heart’s content while respecting Japanese culture.

Hours of Operation and Regular Closing Days

Many Ichiran restaurants are open 24 hours a day, allowing you to enjoy delicious ramen any time of the day. However, hours of operation and holidays may differ from store to store, so it is recommended to check before visiting.

Ichiran Store Hours

Most Ichiran restaurants are open 24 hours a day, allowing you to enjoy ramen late at night or early in the morning. This is especially convenient for travelers, who can easily stop by during their sightseeing or business trips. For example, stores located in major cities or near tourist attractions are open during peak tourist hours and are easily accessible at any time of the day.

Store hours for each store

Some Ilan stores may not be open 24 hours a day. For example, stores located in shopping malls or certain commercial facilities may be closed early in the morning or late at night, as they are open according to the business hours of those facilities. Please check the opening hours of the store you plan to visit on Ichiran’s official website or the store’s bulletin board in advance.

Closed Days

Most Ichiran restaurants are open year-round, but some may be closed during the year-end and New Year holidays and certain national holidays. In particular, some local stores and smaller stores may be closed on certain days, so it is recommended that you check before visiting.

Reservations and crowds

Ichiran does not require reservations, so you can stop by on a whim and enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen. However, it can be crowded during popular hours and tourist season. If you want to avoid crowds, aim for weekdays, early mornings, or late nights. It is also convenient to check the crowds on Ichiran’s official app or website in advance.

Use this information to plan your ramen experience at Ichiran. By checking the opening hours and regular closing days, you will be able to have a pleasant and smooth dining experience. Enjoy your delicious ramen at Ichiran.

Reservations and queue management

Due to Ichiran’s popularity, there can be long lines at many of its restaurants. Especially in tourist areas and urban stores, customers may have to wait for a long time during peak hours. Here is some information about reservation system and queue management.

Reservation System

Ichiran does not generally accept reservations, but some locations may accept reservations at certain times or during special events. If reservations are available, please check Ichiran’s official website or the store’s bulletin board for information in advance. It is also recommended to inquire in advance when using the restaurant with a group to confirm if reservations are available.

Key Points to Prevent Queues

To reduce waiting time at Ichiran, please refer to the following points.

Avoid crowded hours

Ichiran tends to be crowded especially during lunch time (12:00 – 14:00) and dinner time (18:00 – 20:00). Avoid these times and visit early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce waiting time. Visiting late at night is another option, as many stores are open late at night.

Utilize the app

Ichiran’s official app allows you to check store congestion and wait times in real time. If you download the app in advance and check the status of the restaurant you plan to visit before heading out, you are more likely to have a smooth entry.

Visit on a weekday

Weekends and holidays tend to be especially crowded, so we recommend visiting on a weekday if possible. On weekdays, there are fewer tourists and locals, and the restaurant is often relatively empty, allowing you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

Visit in small groups

Since many Ichiran restaurants are centered around counter seating, it is easier to be guided smoothly if you visit in a small group. If you are visiting in a large group, you may want to plan your visit with this in mind, as the seating may be split up.

By practicing these queuing strategies, you can make your ramen experience at Ichiran more pleasant. Reduce your wait time and fully enjoy the delicious ramen.

Reviews and Ratings

Ichiran is a highly acclaimed ramen chain in Japan and abroad. Many visitors rave about Ichiran’s ramen, and the reviews and ratings speak volumes about Ichiran’s popularity. Here are some general reviews and ratings for Ichiran.

Taste and Quality

Ichiran’s ramen is praised for its unique pork bone broth and homemade noodles. Many reviewers particularly appreciate the rich and deep flavor of the soup and the texture of the noodles. The ability to customize the flavor to one’s own taste using an order sheet is also highly praised by many users. For example, the thickness of the soup, the hardness of the noodles, and the amount of garlic can be adjusted, allowing customers to enjoy a cup of soup that suits their tastes.

Service and Store Environment

Ichiran’s “Taste Concentration Counter” has been praised by many reviewers for providing an environment where diners can concentrate on their meal. The partitioned counter seating is especially popular among those who prefer to dine alone, as it allows diners to enjoy their meal in privacy. Many have also commented that the staff is prompt and courteous, providing a pleasant dining experience.


Ichiran’s ramen is highly regarded for its taste and quality for the price. For tourists, the ability to enjoy authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen at a reasonable price is also an attraction. Visitors, especially those from overseas, are amazed at the high cost performance and report highly satisfying dining experiences.

Popular Menu Items

Ichiran’s standard menu item, ramen, is highly rated by many visitors. The “kaidama” (additional noodles) is also very popular, allowing visitors to enjoy their soup to the last, resulting in a very high level of satisfaction. Furthermore, Ichiran’s special “green tea ice cream” served as a side menu item has also received favorable reviews.

General Comments

Ichiran is loved by many as a ramen chain that offers a very good balance of taste, service, and price. Supported by locals as well as tourists, Ichiran is highly regarded for its consistent quality and unique system. By enjoying Ichiran’s ramen, you will gain a deeper understanding of Japanese ramen culture. We hope you enjoy your meal at Ichiran.


Ichiran is loved by many tourists and locals as a famous restaurant representing Japanese ramen culture. Its unique “Taste Focus Counter” and customizable ordering system allow every visitor to enjoy his or her favorite ramen. In addition, its high-quality pork bone broth and homemade noodles are unforgettable once tasted.

When visiting Ichiran, we recommend that you aim for weekdays, early mornings, and late nights to avoid crowds. It is also helpful to use the app to check real-time crowds. Furthermore, enjoying the limited menus and special services offered by each restaurant will enhance your ramen experience.

As evidenced by reviews and ratings, Ichiran offers a very good balance of taste, service, and price, providing satisfaction to many people. As part of your sightseeing tour, a meal at Ichiran will provide you with a valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese food culture.

Finally, we hope that you will experience the depth of Japanese ramen culture and its charms through a meal at Ichiran. We hope that Ichiran ramen will make your trip to Japan even more special.