Experience Japanese Food Culture: Enjoy Kaitenzushi at Kura Sushi



If you want to experience Japanese food culture, Kura Sushi is a spot you should not miss. Known as a conveyor-belt sushi chain, Kura Sushi offers quality sushi at affordable prices. In particular, it has earned the trust of many customers for its “Mutenka Kurasushi,” which is based on the concept of safe, delicious, and inexpensive food and does not use additives.

Kura Sushi also offers a full range of services utilizing the latest technology, including a touch panel ordering system and Kura Sushi’s unique “Kura Lane” serving method, which provides a unique dining experience. Another attraction is the regular campaigns and collaborative events, including a collaboration event with “Detective Conan” and “Chiikawa” in 2024.

The newly opened “Global Flagship Store” in Ginza is a reproduction of an Edo Period yatai (food stall) for inbound visitors to Japan. At this store, customers can enjoy a fusion of traditional Japanese atmosphere and modern conveyor-belt sushi.

This article details the appeal of Kura Sushi, its recommended menu, and points to consider when visiting. Through your experience at Kura Sushi, you will be able to deeply appreciate Japan’s conveyor-belt sushi culture.

Recommended Menu

Kura Sushi offers a diverse menu, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of items from standard sushi to creative sushi, side dishes, and desserts. Here are some of the most popular recommended menus.

Gokumi Aged Tuna

Gokumi Aged Tuna is a special tuna whose flavor has been improved by 140% through joint development with the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo. It is loved by many people for its rich flavor with little fishy smell.

Seared Cheese Salmon

Aburi Cheese Salmon is a seared sushi topped with a special mayonnaise sauce made from a blend of four types of cheese: Gouda, Cheddar, Mascarpone, and Camembert. The combination of the savory sear and the rich cheese is superb and goes perfectly with the rice.


Shrimp tempura sushi is a dish that offers the perfect harmony of warm shrimp tempura and cold rice. The crispy batter and the plump shrimp are the main characteristics of this dish, and the EBITEN TEMAKI (hand-rolled sushi) is also popular.

Luxury Red Snow Crab

Luxury Red Snow Crab Platter is a dish that allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of crab and is the highlight of the limited time fair. This luxurious dish includes not only red snow crab, but also snow crab.

Kura Potato

Kura Potato is freshly fried French fries with a crunchy texture and a chewy filling. It is a great snack to have between servings of sushi.

Yakudare Beef Kalbi

Yumadare Beef Kalbi is thinly sliced beef ribs with a thick sauce that goes great with rice. It is a great dish to order when you are tired of sushi and want to enjoy a fresh taste.

Through these menus, you can enjoy a wide variety of tastes at Kura Sushi. There are also a variety of seasonal specials, so no matter how many times you visit, you will always find something new. Dining at Kura Sushi is a great opportunity to experience Japan’s conveyor-belt sushi culture.

Experience and Enjoy

In addition to the food itself, Kura Sushi offers many unique experiences and ways to enjoy yourself. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your meal at Kura Sushi even more.


One of the greatest features of Kurazushi is “Bikkurapon! is the “Bikkurapon! For every five plates you put in on the counter, you get to play “Bikkurupon! Gacha. This gives you a chance to win prizes such as figurines and stationery. This is especially popular with children, and is sure to be a lot of fun when you visit with your family.

Touch Panel Ordering

At Kurazushi, you can easily order using the touch panel installed at each table. By using the touch panel, you can complete your order without talking directly to the waiter and enjoy your meal at your own pace. This is especially useful when dining alone or experiencing conveyor-belt sushi for the first time.

Utilizing the App

By utilizing the official Kurazushi app, you can make reservations for visits to the restaurant and check the latest campaign information. With the app, you can be seated smoothly even during busy hours, and you can also get information on limited menus and special coupons.

Commitment to Additive-Free

Kurazushi offers additive-free sushi, which does not use chemical seasonings or artificial preservatives. This allows our health-conscious customers to enjoy their meals with peace of mind. Not only sushi, but also side dishes and desserts are offered without additives, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of menu items with peace of mind.

Behind-the-scenes menus and arrangements

Kurazushi offers a variety of back dishes and arrangements that are well known to those in the know. For example, there are unique arrangements using powdered green tea, such as “Shrimp Green Tea Soy Sauce” and “Hamachi Salt Matcha”. You can also arrange desserts using powdered matcha provided at the table. By trying out these back-of-the-envelope menus, you can further expand your enjoyment of Kura Sushi.

Dining at Kura Sushi is not only an opportunity to enjoy sushi, but also an opportunity to deeply appreciate Japanese conveyor-belt sushi culture through a variety of experiences. We hope you enjoy your time at Kura Sushi to the fullest with these tips for enjoyment.


In order to enjoy your meal at Kura Sushi more comfortably, it is important to observe a few basic manners. Here are some manners you should know when dining at Kura Sushi.

How to use your seat

At Kura Sushi, each table is equipped with a touch panel. When you are seated, you must first place your order using the touch panel. Because you use the touch panel to place your order, you can proceed with your meal without having to speak directly to the waiter. This is an important manner to be considerate of other users and to maintain a quiet environment.

Ordering and Dining Etiquette

1.Order the right amount.
It is important to order the amount of food you can eat. At Kura Sushi, new plates are passed around one after another, so it is easy to take a large portion, but it is important to order the amount you can eat.

2.Manners for sharing.
When sharing with family or friends, it is good manners to share the food on your own plate before eating. Avoid taking directly from another person’s plate.

Cleaning up and maintaining cleanliness

  1. Disposal of plates.
    When you have finished eating, place your plate in the plate thrower located on the counter of your table. This will keep the table clean and allow room for the next plate.
  2. Maintaining cleanliness.
    If the table gets dirty during the meal, wipe it up using the tissues or wet wipes provided. It is important to keep the table clean for the next person using it.

Behavior in the restaurant

  1. Enjoy the quiet.
    Kaiten Sushi is a public place with many people. It is good manners to enjoy yourself quietly, without talking loudly or making a scene, and with consideration for other customers.

2.Children’s manners
If you are with children, be careful not to let them run around and disturb other customers. This is also a good opportunity to teach them appropriate behavior for enjoying the meal.

Manners after the meal

  1. Gochisoso-sama desu (Thank you for the meal)
    It is part of Japanese food culture to say “Gochisosama desu” (“Thank you for the food”) when you have finished your meal. By saying thank you to the waiter, you can finish your meal in a pleasant manner.

To enjoy your meal at Kura Sushi comfortably, please observe these manners and respect the harmony with other customers. Enjoy delicious sushi to your heart’s content in a comfortable environment.

Business hours and holidays

Kurazushi is a conveyor-belt sushi chain that operates throughout Japan, and many of its restaurants are open year-round. Here is some information on general business hours and holidays, but as these may differ from store to store, we recommend that you check the official website before visiting.

Business Hours

Most Kura Sushi restaurants operate under the following business hours:

  • Weekdays: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Weekends and holidays: 10:30 – 23:00

However, some stores may have different opening and closing hours. For example, stores located downtown or in large commercial facilities may be open late into the night. Opening hours are subject to change depending on the season and events, so please check the store locator page on the official website for the latest information.

Regular holidays

Most Kurazushi restaurants are open year-round. However, some stores may be closed on the following days:

  • Specific days during the year-end and New Year holidays
  • Store maintenance days
  • When it is in accordance with the closing days of commercial facilities

If you have a store you plan to visit, please check the official website or store locator page in advance to confirm business hours and holidays.

To enjoy a delicious meal at Kurazushi, please plan your visit by checking the latest opening hours and regular closing days. You can easily check detailed information about each restaurant from the store locator page on the official website.

Reservations and queue management

To enjoy a smooth dining experience at Kura Sushi, it is important to make reservations in advance and to know how to deal with queues. Here we introduce how to make reservations at Kura Sushi and how to deal with queues.

How to make reservations

Reservations can be made for seats at Kura Sushi through the following methods.

  1. Official app.
  • Download the official Kurarazushi app and register as a member.
  • Select “Table Reservation” in the app and enter the desired restaurant, date and time to complete the reservation.
  • The app also allows you to easily check the waitlist status, confirm reservations, and cancel reservations. 2.
  1. EPARK*.
  • Reservations can also be made through the EPARK website and app.
  • After registering as a member, select the desired store, date and time to make a reservation.
  • Reservation confirmations and cancellations can also be made through the EPARK website or app.

3.Call Reservations.

  • You can also make reservations by checking the phone number of each restaurant on the official Kurarazushi website and calling the restaurant directly.

How to avoid lines

Kura Sushi is a popular restaurant, so expect crowds, especially on weekends and holidays. Use the following measures to reduce waiting time. 1.

  1. Reserve early.
  • We recommend making reservations early, especially on days when crowds are expected. Reservations can be made 15 days in advance at Kura Sushi, so plan ahead and make your reservations accordingly. 2.

2.Using the official app.

  • By using the official app, you can check the status of the waiting list in real time. You can avoid unnecessary waiting time by visiting the restaurant while keeping track of how crowded it is. 3.

3.Avoid busy times.

  • Generally, the restaurant tends to be crowded during lunch (11:30-13:30) and dinner (18:00-20:00), so it is a good idea to avoid visiting during these times.

4.Aim for weekdays.

  • Weekdays are often relatively empty compared to weekends. If possible, visiting on a weekday will allow you to enter the restaurant smoothly.

With these reservation methods and measures to avoid waiting in line, enjoy your meal at Kura Sushi in a comfortable manner. By planning your visit in advance, you can enjoy delicious sushi without stress.

Reviews and Ratings

Kura Sushi is a popular conveyor-belt sushi chain that operates throughout Japan and is highly rated by a wide range of customers. Here are the latest reviews and ratings about Kura Sushi.

Good Reviews

The following are some of the most favorable opinions from Kura Sushi customers:

  • Cost performance: Many customers appreciate that Kura Sushi’s pricing is very reasonable and that they can easily enjoy high quality sushi. It is especially popular among families and students.
  • Variety of menu items: With a wide variety of sushi items, as well as side dishes and desserts, customers appreciate that they never get bored of the sushi.
  • Additive-free peace of mind: Many of the menu items are additive-free, which is highly appreciated by health-conscious customers.
  • Convenient service: Entertainment elements such as touch panel ordering and “Bikkurapon! and other entertainment elements are popular among families with children.

Bad reviews

On the other hand, some customers have pointed out the following areas for improvement:

  • Varying quality of ingredients: Some customers have pointed out that the quality of sushi ingredients varies. Customers are sometimes dissatisfied with the freshness of the ingredients, especially during busy times.
  • Waiting time during busy times: Some customers say that due to the popularity of the restaurant, they sometimes have to wait long hours, especially on weekends and holidays, and that they cannot comfortably use the restaurant unless they make a reservation.
  • Specific menu quality: Some customers say that some of the side dishes, such as ramen and seafood bowls, are not what they expected.

Overall Rating

Kurazushi is highly rated by many customers for its affordable, high-quality sushi. It is especially popular among families and the younger generation, who appreciate the convenient ordering system and entertainment factor. However, there are some areas that could be improved, such as the inconsistent quality of the ingredients and the handling of crowded areas.

When visiting Kura Sushi, we recommend making reservations in advance and choosing a weekday to avoid crowds. Please enjoy your meal at Kura Sushi by referring to the latest reviews and ratings.


Kura Sushi is a great place to experience Japanese conveyor-belt sushi culture. Offering high quality sushi at reasonable prices, it is very popular among families and tourists. The appeal of Kura Sushi lies not only in its delicious sushi, but also in its convenient service and entertainment elements that utilize the latest technology.

For example, touch panel ordering and “Bikkurupon! and other such gadgets, you can not only enjoy your meal, but also have a new experience each time you visit. In particular, the safe and secure menu, which focuses on additive-free products, is popular among health-conscious customers.

In addition, Kura Sushi holds various seasonal fairs and offers limited menus and promotions, so you can discover something new no matter how many times you visit. For example, the “Salmon Roe and Superior Crab Fair” is held during Golden Week, attracting many fans.

Furthermore, Kurarazushi is actively developing an inbound strategy for foreign visitors to Japan, and has devised ways for tourists to enjoy the restaurant, such as by recreating an Edo-era yatai (food stall).

In this way, Kura Sushi is not only a great place to experience Japanese conveyor-belt sushi culture, but also a great place to have a good time with family and friends. We hope you will enjoy Japanese food culture at Kura Sushi, where new discoveries and fun await you every time you visit.