Experience Japanese Food Culture: Enjoy Kaitenzushi at Sushiro



As one way to experience Japanese food culture, conveyor-belt sushi is a very attractive option. Sushiro is one of the most popular of these restaurants, with stores located throughout Japan, offering a diverse menu and affordable prices. Sushiro offers a wide variety of tastes, from traditional sushi to creative sushi and even seasonal specials.

Sushiro restaurants offer a clean and comfortable environment, making it easy for foreign visitors to experience conveyor-belt sushi for the first time. Sushiro also offers the latest technology and unique experiences, such as ordering by touch panel and serving in a fast lane. This ensures that the sushi ordered is delivered quickly to the customer’s hand and that they can always enjoy the freshest sushi.

In addition, Sushiro frequently holds limited-time fairs and collaborative events, allowing customers to enjoy new menu items and promotions each time they visit. These events provide a fun way to choose when to visit, and are an element that will make you want to return again and again.

This article details how to enjoy sushi conveyor-belt sushi at Sushiro. It will provide you with useful information to help you plan your visit and assist you in having a great dining experience at Sushiro. A visit to Sushiro will make your trip to Japan even more special.

Recommended Menu

Sushiro is known for its diverse menu, offering new tastes every time you visit. Here are some of our most recommended menus.

1. salmon

Sushiro’s salmon is characterized by its thickness and juicy flavor. The popular “Jumbo Toro Salmon” is a particularly popular dish with a rich flavor. The lightly seared “Yaki Toro Salmon” also has a great savory flavor.

2. red shrimp

Characterized by its plump texture and sweetness, the “aka-ebi” (red shrimp) is served in a single piece on a plate and can be enjoyed lightly. It is a high quality item that fills the mouth with the flavor of shrimp.

3. Shrimp tempura nigiri

Ebi-ten-nigiri,” with its crispy batter, is served freshly deep-fried in the restaurant. The taste is enhanced by the sweet sauce. It is a popular menu item for both children and adults.

4. Tai (sea bream)

Tai” is made from fresh sea bream from Ehime Prefecture and is characterized by its firm flesh and rich flavor. 150 yen for two pieces is a very reasonable price.

5. Ootoro

If you want to enjoy a luxurious taste, “O-toro” is recommended. It is a little expensive at 300 yen per piece, but it is worth it.

6. seared conger eel

Seared plump conger eel with a savory flavor and soft texture makes the “Seared Top Boiled Conger” a superb dish. The flavor is enhanced when served with a special sweet sauce.

These dishes are highly recommended to try when you visit Sushiro. Each item is attractive for its freshness and quality, and can be enjoyed at a reasonable price. We hope you will experience the variety of tastes that only conveyor-belt sushi can offer at Sushiro.

A meal at Sushiro will further enrich your Japanese food culture experience.

How to Experience and Enjoy

The conveyor-belt sushi experience at Sushiro is a special one for foreigners as well. First, upon entering a Sushiro restaurant, a touch panel ordering system is installed. This is a convenient tool for enjoying sushi in a casual manner, transcending language barriers. The touch panel is available in English as well as Japanese, making it easy to select the menu you want to eat.

Entering the restaurant and choosing a seat

When you arrive at Sushiro, you will first be shown your seat at the reception desk. There are counter seats and table seats, both of which are adjacent to the conveyor so that you can freely take your sushi as it spins by. Whether you are dining alone or in a group, you will be able to dine comfortably.


One of the attractions of kaitenzushi is that you can choose the sushi you want at your own pace. Although you can take sushi as it flows onto the conveyor belt, we recommend that you order from the touch panel. The touch panel is available in English, and you can easily select the sushi, side dish, or drink you want from the menu. Once you place your order, your sushi will be quickly delivered to you in a fast lane.

How to Enjoy

Here are some tips to make your dining experience at Sushiro more enjoyable.

  • Self-service tea: Powdered tea and hot water are available at the table, and you can make your own tea. It goes great with sushi.
  • Select from our side menu: In addition to sushi, we also offer a wide variety of ramen, tempura, and desserts. We especially recommend the seasonal dessert menu.
  • All-you-can-eat events: Sushiro regularly holds all-you-can-eat events. You can enjoy many kinds of sushi at a great price.

Checkout and Rules

Last but not least, checkout. Many Sushiro restaurants have self-checkout systems. You can easily pay by scanning the QR code on the touch panel. Also, as a rule of kaiten-zushi (conveyor-belt sushi), please do not take sushi that others have ordered and order only what you can eat.

The Sushiro experience is an opportunity to experience not only the delicious sushi, but also the latest technology and Japanese food culture. We hope you will visit and find your own unique way to enjoy conveyor-belt sushi.


It is important to observe a few basic manners when enjoying sushi conveyor belt sushi at Sushiro. This will help you feel comfortable with other customers and staff, and will give you a better understanding of Japanese food culture. Below is a detailed explanation of manners at Sushiro.

Do not take sushi ordered by others

Sushi ordered on the touch panel is delivered in a fast lane. The sushi you order is often marked with a specific marker, so be careful not to mistakenly take sushi ordered by someone else. The basic rule is to take only what you ordered.

Order only what you can eat.

Although kaiten-zushi allows you to eat as much as you like at your own pace, avoid ordering more than you can eat. It is considered bad manners to leave food uneaten, so it is important to order just the right amount to avoid waste.

Rules during the meal

Sushi may be eaten with either your hands or chopsticks, but the general etiquette is to dip the neta (fish) directly into the soy sauce. Be careful not to dip the shari (rice) into the soy sauce, as it will easily fall apart. Also, gari (ginger) is meant to refresh the palate, so please enjoy a small amount in between servings of sushi.

Self-service tea and hot water

At Sushiro, each seat is equipped with a button for tea powder and hot water. To make your own tea, place the appropriate amount of powder in a cup of hot water and pour in hot water. You can adjust the thickness of the tea by yourself.

Cleaning up plates

Place plates in a stack when you have finished eating. In many restaurants, staff will periodically collect your plates, but if there is a self-service clean-up area, you may clean them up yourself.

Rules for Checkout

At Sushiro, you can easily pay for your meal at the touch panel or self-checkout counter when you have finished eating. Check the number of plates you have eaten and pay accurately. Prices vary depending on the color and shape of the plate, so it is important to confirm the exact amount when paying.

Points to keep in mind when visiting with children

If you are visiting with children, be careful not to let them run around and teach them to enjoy their meal quietly. Children’s menus and chairs are available so that families can dine together in peace.

By observing good manners at Sushiro, you can coexist smoothly with other patrons and comfortably enjoy delicious sushi. By understanding and observing these manners, you will respect Japanese food culture and enjoy a wonderful conveyor-belt sushi experience.

Business Hours and Regular Closing Days

Knowing Sushiro’s business hours and regular closing days will help you plan your visit. Below is some general information.

Normal business hours

Most Sushiro stores have the following hours of operation:

  • Weekdays and weekends: 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Some stores: 10:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

This allows you to visit during lunch or dinner hours and still be open.

Special Hours

Opening hours may change during certain times of the year. The following schedule is especially common during the year-end and New Year’s holidays:

  • December 31: until 8:00 p.m.
  • January 1: 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • After January 2: Regular hours

Opening hours may change during other holidays and special events, so advance confirmation is recommended.


Sushiro is generally open year-round. However, there is one day a year when all stores are closed at the same time. In most cases, this is January 1. Detailed information on the regular closing days may vary from store to store, so please check the official website to be sure.

How to check information

The most accurate way to find out the latest opening hours and closing days is to use Sushiro’s official website or official app. This will give you accurate information about the restaurant you plan to visit and help you plan accordingly.

To enjoy delicious sushi at Sushiro, please check the opening hours and regular closing days in advance to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Reservations and queue management

To make your dining experience at Sushiro more pleasant, it is important to make reservations in advance and take measures against queues. Sushiro offers the following methods for reservations.

Reservations via the app

Using the official Sushiro app, you can easily make reservations in advance. In the app, select “Visit Reservation” and enter the restaurant you plan to visit and the date and time. This greatly reduces waiting time. The app also allows you to accumulate Maido Points, which will be rewarded the next time you use the app.

Using LINE Mini Apps

Using LINE Mini Apps, you can make reservations even more easily by simply launching the Sushiro Mini App from within the LINE app and specifying the restaurant you plan to visit, the date and time of your visit. It is recommended for regular smartphone users.

Phone Reservations

Reservations can also be made by phone. Search for a restaurant from the official Sushiro website and call the restaurant directly to make a reservation. We recommend making reservations by phone as early as possible, especially on weekends and holidays when crowds are expected.

Measures to Prevent Lines

Popular Sushiro stores often have lines, especially on weekends and holidays. Please refer to the following countermeasures:

  • Visit early: Weekday mornings and early afternoons are relatively empty.
  • Visit on a weekday: Wait times tend to be shorter on weekdays than on weekends.
  • Use Advance Reservations: Use the aforementioned apps, Line Mini Apps, and phone reservations to reserve a seat in advance.

By utilizing these methods, you can enjoy your meal at Sushiro more smoothly. We hope you will plan your visit and enjoy the Japanese conveyor-belt sushi culture to the fullest.

Reviews and Ratings

Sushiro is a popular conveyor-belt sushi chain that operates throughout Japan and has received mixed reviews from many customers. Sushiro’s appeal lies in its fresh ingredients, extensive menu, and reasonable prices. However, some reviewers complain about the quality of service and wait times during busy times.

Many customers are satisfied with Sushiro’s fresh neta and extensive menu, with the “Shrimp Avocado,” “Boiled Anago” and “Special Neta Ootoro” being particularly popular. Each of these menu items has its own unique flavor and texture, attracting many repeat customers. The dessert menu and side dishes are also well prepared, with “Classic Pudding” and “Tempura” also popular.

On the other hand, there have been many requests for improvements in service. In particular, there are complaints about crowding during peak hours and the reservation system. Although reservations via the app are recommended in advance, customers are advised to plan their visits accordingly, as waiting times in stores can be long.

Overall, Sushiro is loved by many people as a place where they can easily enjoy high quality sushi. When visiting, planning ahead and making reservations in advance to avoid crowds will make your experience more pleasant.

We invite you to experience Sushiro’s sushi for yourself. With an extensive menu and fresh ingredients, an unforgettable dining experience awaits you.


Sushiro is a popular Japanese conveyor-belt sushi chain where you can enjoy reasonably priced and delicious sushi. Offering the latest promotions and limited-edition menus, Sushiro always has something new and surprising to offer. Dining at Sushiro is not only an easy way to enjoy high quality sushi, but also a great way to enjoy the variety of menu items and seasonal specials. It is an especially great place to take the family or out with friends.

When visiting Sushiro, it is a good idea to check the official website or app for the latest campaign information in advance. It is also recommended to use the reservation system to avoid crowds. Remember to check before visiting, as each restaurant has different hours of operation and holidays.

Sushiro is a great place to experience the fun of conveyor-belt sushi and Japanese food culture. Have a wonderful time while savoring the freshest ingredients and the extensive menu. We hope your meal at Sushiro will be a special and memorable experience in Japan.